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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let's send this letter to the President together...add your comments, thoughts, edits, signature

Your Excellency,
Congratulations on being 70 and having requested that we should read a chapter in Tanach each day until completion on the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.  My favorite President is Mr. Zalman Shazar, he brought to print the "holiest" of "Zionist" books, the basis of all economic systems and human freedom.  Not by chance.... all the people on the Israeli Shekel (bank notes) made this book from the letters of Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser to Minister of Education, Zalman Shazar.  The Number 70 is also very significantly related to this fact.
The number 70, often appears in our tradition and it is constantly referring to the same thing, wether 70 in the Sanhedrin, 70 faces of Torah, 70 years of King David from Adam, 70 days of mourning for Jacob by the Egyptian priests, 70 nations that hate us, 70 years in Babel and of course 70 years since the Holocaust.
Josef was the apple of the eye of Jacob and was born from the tears of Rachel.  Rachel did not cry for Benjamin but she did in fact begin crying after he was born.  Rachel's second son is Rabbi Nachman.  Josef is the source of Wheat and Gelt, so is Rabbi Nachman, possibly the reason almost all our wheat is imported from the Ukraine.
Josef and Rabbi Nachman have an even more amazing similarity.  Both do their most serious work after they come back out of the grave.  Rabbi Israel affirms that he IS the author of his own letter, (written in 1885 found in 1921).  I am sure that the tomb of Josef was the main source of holiness of the Tabernacle, without which no one could have crossed the sea.  Similar to the crossing of the sea, the whole "awakening to faith" movement (from a sea of hearesy) is founded on the faith of Rabbi Israel Dov Odesser.  Rabbi Odesser and President Shazar do not limit their efforts to one tribe or one nation but opens his wisdom to the whole world.  President Shazar was the first Minister of Education of the new State of Israel after all.
I know you are seeking to "unite" our nation.  John Lennon knew that the main curriculum to success is happiness.  When people are happy they seek a leader to unite them instead of a scapegoat,... so you are really "on the spot".  Achieving happiness on a national level is of course a very tall order, but there is no alternative. How do we do this?
Today you declared that the south of Israel needs massive investments, true, no doubt.  Why not simply print Shekels and get it done?  If you paid attention to this letter then you will understand this is fully possible.  I the south produces goods at a good price and of good quality, who is not going to buy them?  I will add that there is no reason to even tax, other then fiscal observations.
Balaak was ready to buy the words of Bilaam (today's reading in the Tanach according to YOUR schedule) so why wouldn't you be ready to buy the words of Rabbi Nachman? 1) (sefer ha Midot: 'atsvout') 'He who has sadness should give a gift to the returning Tzaddik':  2) (Hayeh Moharan) Rabbi Nachman's last words: 'what do you need to worry about, I go before you? Just bind yourselves together and I will be with you'
The gift is saying the words Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman or "please Rest in Peace Nachman from Uman".  As a result of this gift, all sadness is erased and the person enters the "mitsvah Gedola" never being sad (tamid be simcha).  There is no other way to immediately enter this condition.  As a result of this happiness, we are united and Rabbi Nachman can be buried on Mt Zion.  The immediate result of which is the reversal of all the 70's above, here is why this works: The original 70 comes from the broken promise of the 70 to G-d going into Egypt...they promised formally to fulfill the order of bringing the remains of Josef out of Egypt for burial in Schem.  This is the basis and repaire for all idolatry and slavery., to name one example, the 70  nations irrational hatred becomes irrational love!
Josef the true leader of Israel is only a precursor for Rabbi Nachman.  Previously President Hertzog sent Ministers Peres and Rabin to Ukraine in 1991 in the hope of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, but his efforts were crushed by the Kremlin lead counter revolution.  Obviously, it will not be easy to bring Rabbi Nachman, but ALL of the REAL am Israel is behind you on this one happy project.

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