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Saturday, May 16, 2015

How there is no need for Tikkun Ha Brit in the common sense...

Moshe Rabbenu was challenged by G-d.  He was asked to request 2 days of celibacy from Am Israel,  he didn't do as he was told and correctly asked for three days!  Moses established once and for all that AM ISRAEL does not have Taavat niouf...sexual lust.  This is a foreign thing to us entirely and this is thanks to Moshe Rabbenu.

Therefore the Tikkun Ha Brit and the tikkun Ha Klali have ONLY TO DO with attaching ones self to the true tzaddik.  Obviously there can be no lust if this is done because "the love of Jonathan and David is no comparable to the love of Tamar and Abshalom"  These are two opposite forms of love where one is completely material and the other is spiritual.  Spiritual is more powerful obviously.  We are not animals anymore, hopefully.

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