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Monday, May 25, 2015

Go Canada!


There is a tourism concern that forces 50 000 Israelis to visit a small town in the Ukraine each year.  If this tourist attraction was brought to Jerusalem the resulting number of visitors would increase to 2 000 000 in the first year and the number would actually increase to unbelievable quantities at a rapid rate.  Why not make handsome profits on the tourism trade to Jerusalem by being the "promoters" of this event?  This is not a regular private transaction, it requires a government to make the deals...and give preference to Canadian Tour Operators.

To understand the unique unprecedented historical importance of this issue, look it up for yourselves.  Rabbi Nachman in Uman (F.ex.:Facebook, bring RabbiNachman to Jerusalem).  Bringing the body of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem is actually a greater event than the transfer of Jacob to Hebron... something that was endorsed by the whole ancient world with the Egyptian priests actually mourning for 70 days!!! [By the way, the tribes of Israel didn't do as well, they mourned only 40 days which is 10 more than the legal number (30) yet corresponds to the number of years spent in the desert for not following the right leader (70 people had made a promise to G-d in front of Josef...this unkept promise shows Josef was never endorsed, the true meaning of circumcising is keeping the word).]

The relations between Ukraine and Canada are excellent as well as the relations between Canada and Israel.  Rabbi Nachman is a great promoter of prayers in the virgin forests and where can one find better ones than in Canada.  In the hearts and minds of the whole nation of Israel it is "madness" that our government is unable to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and that our religious leaders are being used as an excuse not to do so.  No doubt the madness like in ancient times is rooted in the one who wants to promote slavery (Pharaoh forgot Josef) Putin.

I would be glad to meet a representative of yours to help you with any information you require.  5 000 000 tourists per year to Jerusalem represents a very big business.  I can arrange high level meetings inside the Israeli Government if needed, but not in the Ukraine.  The Ukraine is where I need help. I know that there too, the people behind Maiden want this, those with Kremlin support, don't want this.

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
(please respond also on facebook in case my email gets blocked)

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