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Thursday, April 23, 2015


I know you read a lot of material every day so I will keep this letter very simple:

Why is this number important?

70 tribesmen promised Josef and G-d they would take his bones out of Egypt.

70 days of mourning were undertaken by the Egyptian priests and all of Egypt for Jacob and Josef.
(40 days by the tribesmen)

Moses asked for a three day feast, but he did not ask for the bones of Josef from Pharaoh and the Egyptian priesthood. Am Israel paid with a three day fast and a two Purims including the death of 6 million children of G-d.

70 years of Adam were given to King David so he could repair the damage done by Adam

70 birth pains

70 members of the Sanhedrin

70 faces of the Torah

70 Billion Dollar BEWS
70 Billion Euro. (follow up on the BEWS)

The eye of G-d (ayn Y(70)) is following this issue every minute. What value does prayer have when we are not keeping our word? “brit mila” our promises do not count,

so he stopped listening and he is watching to see what we will do!

If we use our feet and bring the head back to the seat of glory, the light, the eight light will be lit and every man will be MORE then Adam. The Angels will return to their work and cease questioning G-d.

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