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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why is a person who names the source of a Chiddush garanteed Olam Haba?

Achachverosh asked "was anything done for the man that revealed the plot to kill me?".  Rabbi Nachman called people that do not do chiddushim something like fish that swim downstream.  Imagine if Mordecai did not listen to what was being said by the Rechaim and did not report it to the King?  By the way, it was the King that made sure the names of the informers were written down and he is the one who asked for the reference.

Indeed on an entirely higher level Rabbi Nachman reveals that the names of Am Israel were inscribed on the holiest of the 9 garments worn by the Cohen Gadol when he served in the Tabernacle and the Temples.  EXCEPT on Yom Kippour, on that day the Cohen wore only white.

To make a long story short:  In the desert, a man must do everything in his power to keep Shabbas.  That means according to Gemarra #1 doing only survival tasks, #2 counting 6 days and separating one of the days.   This can be compared to the "nesirout nefesh" (self sacrifice) of someone trying to draw close to G-d that follows every leader as if he were the one, until he finally finds the true Tzaddik. He follows many "leaders" as if they were THE one, but keeps his survival skills going because he is on a permanent Shabbas due to the sheer number of would be leaders.  Eventually he will be able to distinguish the difference between holy and regular.

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