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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The day the Mishkan was erected was 1st of Nissan

The day the Mishkan was erected was 1st of Nissan, this is mentioned twice in the Parasha.  No small coincidence that Moshe Rabbenu (7 Adar B) and Rabbi Nachman (1st Nissan) share the Bar Mitsvah Parsha of Vayyikra!

If the bones of Josef are so holy that only Moses and Yehoshua (both brought from the Nile where Josef  was buried) can be responsible for carrying them, then how holy are the bones of Josef  al (over/add) Josef!

Rabbenu IS the REAL Mishkan.  That is what is being proven here (again).


The villager said...

Can't understand this comment unless you know that Rabbi Nachman is born on 1st of Nissan.

Real Breslov said...

Rabenu is the Mishkan, as per his Torah explaining this. However, some people take this out of context and go on to deny the physical existence of things. Some claim Saba is Mashiach. Some claim Gog uMagog is just conceptual and not physical. Some might want say there is no need for a Mishkan/Beit HaMiqdash, since Rabenu is it. I hope nobody would say that, and I haven't heard it, but at this point, it wouldn't surprise me.

This kind of thinking is what xtianity and Chabad have in common. it doesn't belong in Breslov.