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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Please Help get to Jerusalem!

My name is Yaakov, really it used to be James Ryan, but I have been into Judaism now for several years the last 4 of them has been all nanach. I desperately want to convert to Orthodox Judaism and have been burning with desire to get to Jerusalem for years now. The tickets are very expensive and specially when I have a big family to take care of. I am married with 5 children. I work full time and  go to college. I live in the USA in Oregon Anything Helps it is my hearts desire to get to Jerusalem. I believe it is time to get on that plane but I need your help. Please help me get to Jerusalem and pursue Hashem in the holy land and G-d willing convert and make Aliyah...  I am almost there, I want this with every part of my soul!!!! Its all I could ever dream of!!!! I'm going alone and going to live off faith in Hashem for food and sleep... Please if you can help me in anyway even a small donation I would be forever grateful!!!!! It would make all my dreams come true!!! Anything helps even if its only $20... Thank you to all who can help and even those who cant but pray for me! Prayer is the highest! Love. NaNach!

please click here to help GOFUNDME

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ynn said...

i know a rav in los angeles who can help you if you and your family have been shomer mitzvos for at least a few years, his geirus is accepted by e'y and he will do it in pretty short order depending on where you're holding. idk if i can say he does it for free but cheaper than plane tickets, and then you can make aliya iy'h

lmk if you're interested