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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dear Friends and fellow Nanachs.

 I have been trying to make it to Jerusalem now for several years. I am married with 5 kids, I work full time and go to college. Simply there is now way we can afford a ticket for me to get to Jerusalem. I have been praying for years now and I feel now it is time to make that trip. But I need your help. Please check out my link, and if you can help me even $5 helps. Please help me to get home to the holy land. Such kindness and charity surely Hashem will not over look. I pray all good things for all those who can help in this world and the one to come. even if all you can do is share the link with someone who may be able to help and if you can't do that even, please keep me in your prayers! Prayer is the highest! Nanach!

click here for donate link gofundme

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