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Saturday, February 21, 2015


The 4 knobs on the menorah from which the 3 double branches depart from the menorah!  So why not three knobs?  Rashi says the 4th is the one at the base.  OK so that menorah had 7 lights where as todays' has 8 and really has 4 knobs (in certain cases). I think the Christian one still has 7.  Why is ours 8 today? Even if the light did last 8 days miraculously, only the 8th is called Hannukka.

Truma is a free will offering. Gold, Silver, Copper.  and at least 9 other basic items.

How does building a temple atone for making a golden calf?

To understand the answer, you need to get to the root of why the golden calf was made.

We went into Egypt because we sold our brother for shoes.  When we arrived G-d made us promise we would take his bones out-- 70 people promised.  When we left Moses asked 600 000 to keep the promise, but they were too busy looking for gold.  The promise of their for-fathers meant less to them then gold.

The root of the Menorah is the TZADDIK foundation of the World.  When the "truth from the earth springs forth" disconnected from the land our menorah has 8 lights and the 8th is Peh Zaddik Peh Zaddik the  two Tzaddikim from which the word of G-d springs forth. They are one.  Made of the stolen Gold, hence the bigger thief is used for holier work, but has to give up his gold willingly.

I hope the BIS understands that the teeth in their vaults could be used for something very beneficial for all mankind.  I mean a situation where the angels work for men and men are proud that the Jews return to the priesthood.

Any priesthood can not be disconnected from the holy land or Rabbi Nachman, whom Joseph was a prelude to. Ebay Ha Nachal is the FOUNDATION, it is Hannukka, the source of all wisdom.  Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser is Rabbi Nachman in full...only the broken promise by the 70 for-fathers needs to be kept by US, neither Moses nor Rabbi Nachman can do that for us.

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