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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Letter to Canada

I live in Israel.  I Canada, and while I appreciate balancing the budget & all, Canada is at a serious disadvantage compared to USA and EU.  Each of these blocks has invested 70 billion (USD/EUR) in Israel.  It may look bad on their balance sheets, but reality is otherwise.  I believe these two blocks want fresh investment to make sure the capital doesn't "spoil".  Being the last one to invest is not advantageous..however if you invest "smarter" you could really come out a hero.

What is at stake is blocking the Kremlin's advance after 200 years of proven corruption and the promotion of slavery and murder.  The war started with the American War of Independence and the Revolution, maybe even with the Magna Carta, however with the death of Paul I and the betrayal of Alexander I by Napoleon I, Russia started it's downward spiral.

I would suggest investing in Ukraine this time...on condition that Rabbi Nachman is brought to Jerusalem.  This investment would mobilize all sorts of Canadian projects for example replacing all the currency that was used by the corrupt previous government, this would allow a thorough check up of money owners.  Also the land needs to be given to those who actually live on it and care for it.  Perhaps going back to the works of Alexander I and Paul I would be a good idea to rebuild this country according to some real authorities.

Israel is very interested as well since behind most of our enemies today we can find the paw prints of Moscow.  It will not help us if the USA or Europe come in to clean up after Iran has bombed us or we attack first and the whole middle east goes up in smoke.  This seems to be their plan for Ukraine.

A more religious person would understand this in depth, and I would be delighted to discuss this with a Canadian expert so we can go over all the religious aspects as well.  He only needs to be relatively familiar with the old testament.

Mordecai Spiro

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