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Monday, February 9, 2015

Last Chance for Peace

Geoffrey Mordecai Spiro
Ebay Ha Nachal, 11
Gush Etsion

Kyiv Post, 
31A Pushkinska Street, Suite 600, 6th Floor, 
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01004 

What follows this letter, are today's messages to President Merkel and President Poroshenko.  

Understand that the Kremlin has infiltrated many democracies, and administrations, because the invasion was prepared long in advance.  It is utterly naive to believe that a tyrannical dictatorship over 200 years old, that has come out victorious from every war including the defeat of Napoleon can be overthrown by its own "domesticated" population (Kerry "believes" this).  Governments will not react, they are already neutralized (even John Baird seems to have jumped ship).
Please read these two letters, knowing that these governments are no longer able to do something as simple as bringing the body of a saint to the land of Israel.  Killing (torturing and lying) humans to give more power to an elite in the Kremlin is all they are able to do.  

When I read Kyiv Post the first time, I knew Ukraine would beat Russia.  Kyiv Post did win the international 1st prize in Journalism afterwards, this didn't surprise me, or that the award is given in Missouri (you will understand why if you read what I wrote about the Dollar (long before the Missouri uprisings)).

There is a lot of real money (Israeli Shekels) in the move of Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem and if Kyiv Post can "put him on the plane" I will take it from there and immediately award you with 50 000,- USD.  I will then do everything in my power (which will be greatly increased) to enable Kiev to "re-organize" Moscow.  Regardless, nothing will be left of Russia except one single tree, and if that tree is Rabbi Nachman, that is good for both Ukraine and Russia, the opposite is worse than nuclear war, since even the trees will burn.  The die was cast November 2014 (notice my second letter to Putin)

If you ignore this letter, please excuse me for having given you such an "offer you can't refuse".  This letter is being written from the village I founded based on the book which is the creation of all the people on the Israeli Shekels (except the new 50,- Nis (which brought the economy down by 2% in the first month alone)).  Ukraine needs a "miracle" and this is something I really understand and I am willing to be interviewed, to save lives (this is no joke).

It is not naive to believe that your efforts will give results.  One good channel to make this transfer work is through funding for Ukrainian Academia.


Geoffrey Mordecai Spiro

President Poroshenko, if you are serious about winning and not just being a battle zone, then send Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion. Don't ask the Israeli Government or anyone for permission, because this is the thing that will stop all the evil plans and speculations in their tracks. There are big organizations on YOUR SIDE that will make this happen...just contact me. Now is the time to do it if you are serious about saving the Ukraine, because you know as well as I that atomic War or not, the first pace to fall is likely to be Ukraine. Now if you are convinced that the Russians are in desperate need of military reorganization, I am entirely in agreement with you, and will assist you in succeeding to do this. You could advertise for Ukraine by sending him on your Anton 224 (and making sure it is properly escorted by USAF)

Chancellor of the Republic of Germany,
Mrs. Angela Merkel

I support your objection to throwing more weapons into the Ukrainian fire, because I also do not believe increasing the bloodshed is a wise move at this point, although it may become the only choice very soon.

No one could believe two hundred years ago that by turning a switch you could light up a football field. Today everyone can understand that as well as man walking on the moon and being able to have a telephone conversation with his children from there! I hope you will believe me when I tell you that in a similar way all Anti-Semitism which is the root of all hatred can be reversed just like turning a switch.

I would be more than honored to be given the opportunity to explain how this "patent" works to your best advisers. The switch is simply to move the grave of Rabbi Nachman from Uman to Mt Zion Jerusalem.

I can be reached at 0504104961 in Israel or at the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry, please address the World President Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit who will put us in contact in the best possible way.


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

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