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Monday, February 16, 2015

Demonstration in Denmark to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem

To the Facebook Group "stop persecution of Danish Jews"
Anti-Semitism is the root of all hate. Danes won WWII when they turned hate over on it's head, and they will do it again! Here is how and then why it works:
How: Demonstrations in every country to bring the bones of Rabbi Nachman to Israel.
Why: The head was sold for shoes. This is what killed the light. Josef was the head, the brothers the body. The letter Reish means "Head" in Arameic. That letter turned over represents Noun looks like L or a shoe "Naal". These letters together form NeR or light. When the head goes into exile, the feet follow.
ADD to this Tit for Tat (this weeks parasha, Mishpatim) and since Israel and it's people are the Head of the world, the shoes are obligated to reject it like it did to it's own head. The angels also reject men. All this is reversible.
Dan hits the horse in the heel and throws the rider on his head. Dan is the rear guard against Amalek.
200 years ago if you told someone a mere switch could light up a huge football stadium he would have said you are crazy. 100 years ago if you told someone a mere switch could allow you to talk to your kids from the moon he would have said you are crazy. Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Israel is the switch that can turn anti semitism and all other hatred into LOVE.
70 nations hate, because 70 people entering Egypt made a broken promise (brit mila shav). 600 000 leaving Egypt did NOT accept Moses request for assistance in finding the bones of Moses. 600 000 demonstration with the feet scraming Na Nach Nachma Nachman (please rest in peace Nachman from Uman) would do the trick.
We can start these demonstrations in Denmark, Churches can join us. Jesus is not 100% human and since the angels are the business of Non Jews it is normal they occupy themselves with him and not us. Our responsibility is only to the Goyim, not to the Angels. Rabbi Nachman however means prosperity for everyone.
If Pharaoh forgot Josef, he broke the Putin is refusing to let Rabbi Nachman go to Israel. That is the source of all the problems as well as all the solutions.
How do we start a demonstration in Denmark. I know Rabbi Melchior, but I don't think he will listen to me. This needs to be done with the media.

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