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Thursday, February 26, 2015

More Florida Photos

Monday, February 23, 2015

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה -- When the month of Adar comes we bring on more joy

HH This post is in the merit of Butch - of Lakewood Butchers who was playing the video in his store when my brother visited, and thus reminded me of the importance of sharing it. Enjoy Nanach!

Saba Yisroel Dov Odesser -- English Subtitles -- Video Two!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's enough to go with the Na Nach Kippa!

Who needs more?  I think if 600 000 kippas are sold WE WIN, PEACE & LOVE !!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

NaNach in NY

More Miami Hafatza


The 4 knobs on the menorah from which the 3 double branches depart from the menorah!  So why not three knobs?  Rashi says the 4th is the one at the base.  OK so that menorah had 7 lights where as todays' has 8 and really has 4 knobs (in certain cases). I think the Christian one still has 7.  Why is ours 8 today? Even if the light did last 8 days miraculously, only the 8th is called Hannukka.

Truma is a free will offering. Gold, Silver, Copper.  and at least 9 other basic items.

How does building a temple atone for making a golden calf?

To understand the answer, you need to get to the root of why the golden calf was made.

We went into Egypt because we sold our brother for shoes.  When we arrived G-d made us promise we would take his bones out-- 70 people promised.  When we left Moses asked 600 000 to keep the promise, but they were too busy looking for gold.  The promise of their for-fathers meant less to them then gold.

The root of the Menorah is the TZADDIK foundation of the World.  When the "truth from the earth springs forth" disconnected from the land our menorah has 8 lights and the 8th is Peh Zaddik Peh Zaddik the  two Tzaddikim from which the word of G-d springs forth. They are one.  Made of the stolen Gold, hence the bigger thief is used for holier work, but has to give up his gold willingly.

I hope the BIS understands that the teeth in their vaults could be used for something very beneficial for all mankind.  I mean a situation where the angels work for men and men are proud that the Jews return to the priesthood.

Any priesthood can not be disconnected from the holy land or Rabbi Nachman, whom Joseph was a prelude to. Ebay Ha Nachal is the FOUNDATION, it is Hannukka, the source of all wisdom.  Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser is Rabbi Nachman in full...only the broken promise by the 70 for-fathers needs to be kept by US, neither Moses nor Rabbi Nachman can do that for us.

Miami Hafatza

Letter to Canada

I live in Israel.  I Canada, and while I appreciate balancing the budget & all, Canada is at a serious disadvantage compared to USA and EU.  Each of these blocks has invested 70 billion (USD/EUR) in Israel.  It may look bad on their balance sheets, but reality is otherwise.  I believe these two blocks want fresh investment to make sure the capital doesn't "spoil".  Being the last one to invest is not advantageous..however if you invest "smarter" you could really come out a hero.

What is at stake is blocking the Kremlin's advance after 200 years of proven corruption and the promotion of slavery and murder.  The war started with the American War of Independence and the Revolution, maybe even with the Magna Carta, however with the death of Paul I and the betrayal of Alexander I by Napoleon I, Russia started it's downward spiral.

I would suggest investing in Ukraine this time...on condition that Rabbi Nachman is brought to Jerusalem.  This investment would mobilize all sorts of Canadian projects for example replacing all the currency that was used by the corrupt previous government, this would allow a thorough check up of money owners.  Also the land needs to be given to those who actually live on it and care for it.  Perhaps going back to the works of Alexander I and Paul I would be a good idea to rebuild this country according to some real authorities.

Israel is very interested as well since behind most of our enemies today we can find the paw prints of Moscow.  It will not help us if the USA or Europe come in to clean up after Iran has bombed us or we attack first and the whole middle east goes up in smoke.  This seems to be their plan for Ukraine.

A more religious person would understand this in depth, and I would be delighted to discuss this with a Canadian expert so we can go over all the religious aspects as well.  He only needs to be relatively familiar with the old testament.

Mordecai Spiro

NaNach in Florida

A few weeks ago 5 of the Chavarim flew to NY and took the Nanach School Bus all across the East Coast until Miami where they spent two and a half weeks doing massive Hafatza. They had much wounderous Hasgacha and were able to sell over 1000 books on the trip.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Likutay Halachos on Parashat Terumah

Rectification for Golden CalfTop

The main goal of the creation of the Mishkan was to rectify the sin of the idolatry to the golden calf.[6]
Increasing Holy Passion
Hashem took the Jews out of Egypt with great wondrous miracles, split the sea for them and gave them the Torah in tremendous noise and thunder, revealing his awesome, fearsome G-dlniess. Yet despite all this, right afterwards the Erev Rav managed to stumble them with the horrible sin of idolatry to the golden calf. When Moshe saw this, he realized the great power the Yetzer Hara has to trap people in this world. He therefore introduced the creation of the Mishkan whose fundamental factor was charity, which increases a person's passion for holiness. This gave the Jews the passion needed to overcome the Yetzer Hara despite any darkness he hurls a person into.[6]
Nullifying Lust for Money
Spiritually, idolatry and the 'lust for money' are very intertwined since a person only lusts for wealth out of a lack of faith in Hashem and belief in Divine providence, which are elements of idolatry. These cause a person to always worry where his money and livelihood will come from or if he already has money, he desires more and more. Therefore the Jews were given the opportunity to donate to the Mishkan since charity given completely for the sake of heaven, to completely righteous causes is a powerful rectification for the lust of money.[6]


The residue of the Mishkan's holiness remains forever, even after its destruction and it continues to protect the Jewish Nation. It is for this reason that the Mishkan was always being taken apart and being rebuilt, to show that its power remained even when it was dissembled.[6]

Gold & Silver

Although in their lower manifestations gold and silver are crude oftenly abused physical items, in their roots they are very lofty elements that are a big part of Hashem's glory and are therefore important materials in the Mishkan. It is only below that they fell tremendously, to the point that most of the world strays from Hashem due to them.[6]
Additionally the gold, silver and valuables alluded to the good points in each Jew. Every Jew, even the lowest one, has a good point that no other Jew has, with which Hashem glories. After the sin of the golden calf, Moshe had to work hard to search out and find the good points in the Jews, whose bad elements had just been very apparent. When the Jews brought their donations, each according to the goodness of his heart, they revealed their goodness that was concealed inside of them. Moshe then took these good points which came out in the donated valuables, which also happen to be the extracted good points of physical reality and built the Mishkan from them, gathering them into a single location, proving once again that the Jews were filled with goodness.[32]