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Thursday, January 29, 2015

What does the smile hand symbol really mean?

If you look at the Petek from the first word til "kommen" you will notice the shape of a right hand - except that the first and middle fingers are reversed... I will name the fingers in order for you and you will understand why they are reversed. The longest is the first of all nations, Amalek. The second is the ring finger..Korach (who was subservient to his wife). The third finger is Moses, mall and humble. the Index is RABBI NACHMAN it looks like a gun (mein feiril votlien BIS (bang bang)). The thumb up is Messiah is ready! Now why are the smallest and longest both preceded by "very" reversed??? You answer, notice the smile sign now and what it truly means. Of course, the Petek is also protection against ayn ha ra

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