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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Invitation to The Embassy of Canada (for Rabbi Nachman)

Ambassador Vivian Bercovici, 

It is my honor, privilege and obligation to invite someone from your embassy to join me for an event which corresponds to the one year anniversary of the first visit by a Canadian Prime Minister to the State of Israel. When I was told I could invite a friend, I was expected to bring someone wearing a Na Nach kippa (since I represent the project to Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem). 

Since I can feel the interest His Most Honourable Prime Minister, Mr.Stephen Harper has for this historical operation, I am taking the liberty to contact your embassy. I know he would want me to do this. I will gladly fax you the details. The event taking place on Jan 20, 2015 is being organized by the Druze Community in honor of Major Sargent Zidan Saif. 

If you are invited to attend on your own, please inform me so I can invite another person involved if the project. 

In great admiration,  
Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

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