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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why does Yakov call Shimon "acher" (other)?

.I like novelties..Josef took Shimon as a prisoner because Shimon had taken the loot from Schem. (Jews usually destroyed all the spoils if a town was destroyed for religious reasons). Could that be why Josef didn't want their gold? The proof is that Jacob calls Shimon "Acher". That's what Rachel asked about Josef.."add me a "different"(acher) son. The Acher that most resembles Shimon (born before Josef) is a clever student of Rabbi Meir Baal Ha Ness that goes bad (if I remember correctly). Shimon served his time under Josef. Splitting the loot with the brothers was a trick that really miss-fired, as Yehuda eventually realized, well maybe one day soon?
The only one that can correct the "Acher-ness" that our fathers took upon us, is the "Acher" Rabbi Nachman who did not not benefit from the idolatrous gold of Schem.  Maybe the Gold extracted from 6 million Jews sitting in a vault in Basel, might have a ant-idolatrous effect on the B I S (Moshiah Vedkommen).

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