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Friday, December 12, 2014

These could be our Ukrainian colleagues!

Ukrainian Catholic University

Fellow Scholars of G-d,

Jerusalem very desperately needs from the Ukraine, the remains of the greatest Saint in Jewish history.  He precedes Josef and even King David.  This amazing Saint although Jewish, was also Ukrainian, Russian and a subject of King Paul I and Alexander I.  Rabbi Nachman was born again from a well in 1880 in the city of Tiberius, Galilee.  The followers of Ali believe that the 12th Imam is already born (we have here the opportunity for a real dialogue with Iran).  As Ukrainian academics, you could engage along with the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry in splitting this project 50/50.  You get him on the plane, we do the rest.  Please be in touch since you can play such a pivotal role for your country and the world.

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copies to:

Minister of Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Honourable John Baird
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt. Hon.,  Justin Welby
The United States Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Daniel B. Shapiro

This letter is made public through:
Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem

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