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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My thoughts on Laban

Laban is much worse then Amalek:

Amalek is mentioned many times as a descendant of Esav.  This is a positive sign in G-ds' book, the name is mentioned.  Not so Laban who is ignored when the name of his sister Rivka is enumerated.  Laban in Hebew is akin to "whiteout" the erasing ink, very very unflattering.

Why is that?

When a person is destroyed by an Amalekite, a very cruel death, however, the person has a sweet after-life.  Not so Laban, who can confuse well intended people and send them to Hell for good.  Furthermore, Amalek had a horrible start in life, where Laban has the potential to be a saint but chooses to mislead his "friends" instead.

There is something to be said about this generation as being more dangerous then the generation of WWII.  The number of Laban-like leaders is greater then ever.

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