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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fixing truth at its' root

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About the experience of Juda and why he left his brothers....(VAYESHEV..)

Josef because he was so pure "didn't understand" that his brothers were in Dotan (where the loot from Schem was buried).  Jews are supposed to be builders, creative not predators or worse, scavangers, Kosher does have a definition.  Josef never said a bad word about his brothers, he simply didn't understand them. He was born from the TEARS of Rachel and was absolutely the opposite of Rachels father Laban.  (the mere fact that he let go of the cloths showed he feared becoming unpure and this fear was the only sin he ever committed, it also disqualified him as being absolutely pure).

Everyone loved Laban, to their own death and destiny in Hell.  The boys had gone to the "Laban Youth" movement which made the Hitler Youth seem like cubscouts.  This can be understood because G-d mentions the generations of Amalek, but the brother of Rivka is NOT mentioned, Mr. blank- 'ytmar shmo'.

Under those circumbstances why shouldn't Jacob get Josef out of there ASAP,  considering him and Benjamin "pure" by comparison to their brothers.  An event that confirms this is that the only person Jacob could trust enough to believe about the existence of Josef was Serach bat Asher who was adopted and had not grown up in Lavan land. After the despicable sin of premeditated murder of their saintly brother, the boys quarelling was even greater then before but Juda was cunning enough to cause them all to "take a profit" from the deed, so no one would betray, squeal ("spill the beans"), it's not written anywhere but what makes us sure they didn't pull the pagan loot out and split it?

Juda found it preferable to "lead from a distance" and became friends with local idol worshipers who are mentioned by name, a sign that G-d has respect for them. In fact Tamar is the daughter of a friend of a friend all this is explicitly spelled out.  To understand how LOW the brothers (and us) are at this point you need an old "scientific axium" "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" or the letter R which in Hebrew is pronounced Reish means head in Arameic turned on it's head this letter looks like a shoe and this is the letter the word shoe starts with.  This is no surprise since the head (Josef) was sold for shoes.  The two letters combined symbolise the whole body "head to toe" but form the word light.  This action by the brothers put out the light and the feet followed the head in to the dark depths of Egyptian slavery.

Under these circumbstances Juda found among the Goyim (which are the body) a mentor and a tutor on a higher level them him, who pulled him up enough for him to be the new leader to his brothers that were at the level of shoe soles.

Since Rabbi Nachman is being kept in Uman by the religious establishment who are negating the simple Halacha, it appears nothing has changed at all since then.

Saying Na Nach reverses this extremely regrettable situation.  Saying Na Nach is the complete rectification and I can demonstrate this.

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