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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bringing Rabbi Nachman makes you a is how:

Yehuda and Beit Israel: Beit Israel is actually the descendants of Efraim, not to be confused with the descendants of Yehuda and the tribes called the children of Israel. These two categories of Israel will unite in the end of days to annihilate Evil and bring the reign of peace. Yehuda and Josef are in a face off as everyone knows. Josef is the saint and many claim that Yehuda takes the role of King and suppresses the saint. I strongly reject this oversimplified explanation, that avoids a true understanding of the issue.
Why is it written these are the generations of Jacob, Josef? Josef isn't even a tribe!
When pre-flood generations were mentioned generally only the first born were mentioned by name (exception for the sons of Noah). Although all the descendants of Jacob are numbered 70, the only one who is THE descendant is Josef (a reminder of pre-flood days).
In the face off between Josef and Yehuda, Josef tested Yehuda to make sure this intelligent but sinful man had faith in the all-mighty and was NOT the idol worshiper he logically seemed to be.
The proof came...THIS WAY: Yehuda knew that if he went back to Canaan without Benjamin, Jacob would kill him as well as all the brothers, (fear of the tzaddik) furthermore Yehuda had no doubt that if he remained in Egypt he would not only save his own life but eliminate Josef (who he thought was an Egyptian prince). He knew that if this "prince" was responsible for the death of all the tribes, as a result, he certainly would not have any divine support. He Yehuda on the other hand would still be bound by his word to save Benyamin, and relieve his holy father. He knew he could then succeed and this gave him "holy-ness" (this shows an understanding of G-d).
Josef understood at this point that Yehuda was ready to take over Josef's position of Tzaddik, if Josef made one more step in the direction he claimed. Josef was check-mated, and backed down, but maintained his role.
Benjamin's main merit in my opinion is as the predecessor of Rabbi Nachman. It is by "saving" Benjamin that Yakov proved he was of the "children of Israel" the "house of Israel" represents the HOUSE of the one that was like a father to Pharaoh himself! It is by saving Rabbi Nachman that the JEWS become the saintly nation. AND the house of Esav and the house Jacob, or rather the House of Efraim(Israel) and the children of Yehuda(Israel) become a united force against Evil, Famine, Misery etc...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Torah Reading Vayigash

     Yosef told his brothers that he was not angry with them because it was H''s will for him to be brought to Mitzrayim. Another facet of the story is that Avraham was asked by H'' if he would rather see his descendants go through exile or to go to hell, to which he chose for them to be sent into exile. This was the beginning of Israel's exile to Egypt before receiving the Torah on Sinai.
     You may not like where you are today, but you never know where you will be tomorrow. The day before he was sold into slavey, Yosef did not know that he had only one free day left for 22 years. But he chose to always be happy and look towards H'', just like Reb Noson OBM. Though he was attacked viciously his whole life for being Breslov, for the sake of the true tzaddik he stayed strong. Yosef had the aspect of the true tzaddik. Others attacked him but eventually realized that they had to do otherwise for the sake of all that's good and fair. The actions of others really do not matter much compared to a person's bold service of H''.
     So don't be even the slightest bit sad in the process of what you are doing for Israel!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

B"H see how Bibi Nitanyahu gets high on Nanach!!!!

טובה הארץ מאד מאד

HH Saba says that he spied and enticed to the epitome of the truth -- The Holy Land is very very good!!! NNNNM!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sing a Song of Rabbi Nachman

HH Rabbi Nachman it is! NNNNM!

יזל מים מדליו -- מברכך ברוך -- פרשת בלק -- ברכת בלעם

HH great song -- great blessings of NNNNM!

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These Lights We Kindle Are About Miracles - HH one of my favorite Chanukah songs! NNNNM!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

8 Days Of Chanuka We Rejoice In The Light 20081221

The High Priest of Egypt Caused the Famine

Why is Cohen ON written with a vav the second time?

The first time, he gives his daughter to Josef (obeying Pharaoh) seven years later Josef does not marry Serach Bat Acher (because of him) and this failure by the high priest results in Egyptian famine.  Had Josef replaced the priesthood, no such famine would have occurred!  For those who don't accept that Alef Vav Noun is sin (since the spelling is ayn vav noun) please look at the Haftarah for Hanukka where the seven eyed stone (alef beit noun) appears by the word sin (alef ayen noun) and Cohen Gadol.  This is not mere chance..but comes to confirm how central this lesson is for understanding this section of the Torah.

Why does Yakov call Shimon "acher" (other)?

.I like novelties..Josef took Shimon as a prisoner because Shimon had taken the loot from Schem. (Jews usually destroyed all the spoils if a town was destroyed for religious reasons). Could that be why Josef didn't want their gold? The proof is that Jacob calls Shimon "Acher". That's what Rachel asked about Josef.."add me a "different"(acher) son. The Acher that most resembles Shimon (born before Josef) is a clever student of Rabbi Meir Baal Ha Ness that goes bad (if I remember correctly). Shimon served his time under Josef. Splitting the loot with the brothers was a trick that really miss-fired, as Yehuda eventually realized, well maybe one day soon?
The only one that can correct the "Acher-ness" that our fathers took upon us, is the "Acher" Rabbi Nachman who did not not benefit from the idolatrous gold of Schem.  Maybe the Gold extracted from 6 million Jews sitting in a vault in Basel, might have a ant-idolatrous effect on the B I S (Moshiah Vedkommen).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chag Chanukah Sameach!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Made Yehuda Special Really???

Yehuda wanted to make sure the elimination of his brother wouldn’t backfire on him so he got everyone to partake of the loot.  Smart? Sure.  Now that they had gone back to worshipping idols thanks to him, he was safe, a true chip off grandpa Lavan, excuse me, Rebbe Lavan.
Yehuda was lucky to have met a goy.  The goy (carefully mentioned by name unlike grandpa)and his father and friend are mentioned and this is where Yehuda found a wife.  Yehuda’s first two died, because they followed in the footsteps of Dad, but the third he called Shella (hers) and this name apparently saved this third son.
I am not promoting Goydome, but want to underline that Yehuda who is considered in these parts as the Messiah had a spiritual level that if situated on the body, would be the part that steps in it every time!  All the other parts of the body have a preferable function, (without a doubt). 
But Yehuda did say:  “she is more righteous then I”.  Knowing Yehuda, you can’t actually take his word for it.  Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut and have her executed? 
Well, the baby was still in her stomach folks, no one else to continue the “tribe”.  Was this selfish as usual?  Consider great grandfather Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice Isaac.  My guess is that Yehuda had learned from the local people to respect Abraham and had accepted fully the idea that “Moloch” (sacrifice of children) was unacceptable.
As a Na Nach, on this first day of Hannukka, we are being grossly challenged, all of us.  When I go around in a train with my son, women call him and hush hush ask him…is this your father? (this is not the only time this happens to me) Rabbis brainwash our children into thinking that we are a sect of madmen, social workers attack our offspring, Rabbis perform Brit Mila in the absence of the father, making sure there is no protest from the congregations, who go along with this avera.

By definition Hannukka itself is ONLY Na Nach.  “Hello darkness my old friend….”(Simon & Garfunkle)

Na ONLY vote for NA NACH!!!!

"צינור לילה" של הערב. ברוך השם !!! אין תסביח !!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fixing truth at its' root

12.14.14 ebay

About the experience of Juda and why he left his brothers....(VAYESHEV..)

Josef because he was so pure "didn't understand" that his brothers were in Dotan (where the loot from Schem was buried).  Jews are supposed to be builders, creative not predators or worse, scavangers, Kosher does have a definition.  Josef never said a bad word about his brothers, he simply didn't understand them. He was born from the TEARS of Rachel and was absolutely the opposite of Rachels father Laban.  (the mere fact that he let go of the cloths showed he feared becoming unpure and this fear was the only sin he ever committed, it also disqualified him as being absolutely pure).

Everyone loved Laban, to their own death and destiny in Hell.  The boys had gone to the "Laban Youth" movement which made the Hitler Youth seem like cubscouts.  This can be understood because G-d mentions the generations of Amalek, but the brother of Rivka is NOT mentioned, Mr. blank- 'ytmar shmo'.

Under those circumbstances why shouldn't Jacob get Josef out of there ASAP,  considering him and Benjamin "pure" by comparison to their brothers.  An event that confirms this is that the only person Jacob could trust enough to believe about the existence of Josef was Serach bat Asher who was adopted and had not grown up in Lavan land. After the despicable sin of premeditated murder of their saintly brother, the boys quarelling was even greater then before but Juda was cunning enough to cause them all to "take a profit" from the deed, so no one would betray, squeal ("spill the beans"), it's not written anywhere but what makes us sure they didn't pull the pagan loot out and split it?

Juda found it preferable to "lead from a distance" and became friends with local idol worshipers who are mentioned by name, a sign that G-d has respect for them. In fact Tamar is the daughter of a friend of a friend all this is explicitly spelled out.  To understand how LOW the brothers (and us) are at this point you need an old "scientific axium" "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" or the letter R which in Hebrew is pronounced Reish means head in Arameic turned on it's head this letter looks like a shoe and this is the letter the word shoe starts with.  This is no surprise since the head (Josef) was sold for shoes.  The two letters combined symbolise the whole body "head to toe" but form the word light.  This action by the brothers put out the light and the feet followed the head in to the dark depths of Egyptian slavery.

Under these circumbstances Juda found among the Goyim (which are the body) a mentor and a tutor on a higher level them him, who pulled him up enough for him to be the new leader to his brothers that were at the level of shoe soles.

Since Rabbi Nachman is being kept in Uman by the religious establishment who are negating the simple Halacha, it appears nothing has changed at all since then.

Saying Na Nach reverses this extremely regrettable situation.  Saying Na Nach is the complete rectification and I can demonstrate this.

sometinmes wasting time is not being Rush-an

“The only reason why people are far from God and don't come closer to Him is because they don't have yishuv ha-da'at, calm and clarity, and they don't sit and think. The main thing is to try to sit calmly and think carefully where all the bodily desires, psychological cravings and material involvements of this world ultimately lead to, and then one will certainly come back to God.” -Likutey Moharan II:10

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Based on the words of Saba...better get Rabbi Nachman here.

Uman is going to become a dangerous destination if we don't get Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion soon. If we do, Uman will remain safe. President Obama is refusing Congress to send defensive weapons to Kiev.

Friday, December 12, 2014

These could be our Ukrainian colleagues!

Ukrainian Catholic University

Fellow Scholars of G-d,

Jerusalem very desperately needs from the Ukraine, the remains of the greatest Saint in Jewish history.  He precedes Josef and even King David.  This amazing Saint although Jewish, was also Ukrainian, Russian and a subject of King Paul I and Alexander I.  Rabbi Nachman was born again from a well in 1880 in the city of Tiberius, Galilee.  The followers of Ali believe that the 12th Imam is already born (we have here the opportunity for a real dialogue with Iran).  As Ukrainian academics, you could engage along with the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry in splitting this project 50/50.  You get him on the plane, we do the rest.  Please be in touch since you can play such a pivotal role for your country and the world.

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copies to:

Minister of Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Honourable John Baird
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rt. Hon.,  Justin Welby
The United States Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Daniel B. Shapiro

This letter is made public through:
Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Messed Up by sin they repent and Gd saves - ישלח דברו וירפאם

What is Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman?

Evil Prey but G-d Faces Them Off - צופה רשע לצדיק ומבקש להמיתו

Clapping Mitigates Judgement - כף אל כף ממתיק את האף

Letter to Isaac Herzog

Mr. Isaac Hertzog,

In all good dramas the critical turning point is always at do or die.  When a tree is very sick, sometimes there is still life in a root and the infection needs to be treated below the ground before it's too late. Unfortunately, but also inevitably, we are there now.

Your father President Chaim Herzog made a deal with the Ukraine to bring Rabbi Nachman to Israel as the halacha requires and as your grandfather Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog confirmed.  

Somehow Shass (except Rav Ovadia Yosef himself) and Gimmel (Rabbi Berland) reversed the Halacha (yereh dea 363) which states that a man's own sons are supposed to disregard the written will of a father who doesn't want to be buried in Israel and actually exhume him and transfer the body to Eretz Ha Kodesh.

In all sincerity, bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mt Zion instead of the Mt. of Olives is THE critical and only way to reverse the ancient curse of anti-semitism.  The hate of the 70 nations, the 70 interpretations of Torah, the 70 members of Sanhedrin, the 70 birthpains of a woman in labor, the 70 jews that died in Beit Shemesh when they saw the Kodesh Hakodashim are all results of the broken oath to Josef when we entered Egypt.  70 souls made a formal promise to G-d that they would see to it that Josef's bones be brought to Schem.  Moses couldn't find anyone except Serach Bat Asher to assist him, he actually asked 600 000 people individually for help.  As you can guess there is much more relevant information here.

Am Israel understands that through SImcha, there is achdut and through achdut we can bring Rabbi Nachman whose last words were appropriately: "What do you have to worry about, I go in front of you, just be together and I will be with you".  Is that why we say "ki mitzion teze Torah ou Devar Hashem me Yerushalayim" but also "Nachamo, Nachamo which ends with the "Rosh Hashana" phrase: "ish lo needar".

The root of the current disease was the would be conspiracy and assassination of the Tzaddik (Josef turned scapegoat.  What we did to our head, the nations do to their head and if they follow in OUR footsteps they will reach the level of sole, you read that right, shoe sole.  Are you, Mr Isaac Herzog, going to do that which is actually very simple? Get Rabbi Nachman on the Antonov 225 Mryia (for example).  I have the world of Sam Ben Chetrit, President of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry, that he will take over the project from that point if he is asked.

The tree is very old, the diseased root goes back to pre-Egypt, the vaccination is finally available (it wasn't ready yet for the Shuchan Purim event).  Sir with all due respects, we are at the do or die point and believe me, I am not the judge or even the lawyer, just an informed individual who takes his obligations seriously.

To your success Sir,

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Ebay Ha Nachal, Gush Etsion

Copies to:

Minister of the Economy and Religious Services: Mr. Naftali Bennett
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada:  Honourable Mr. John Baird
9th President of the State of Israel: Lord Shimon Peres

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Honor Your Father and Your Mother - כבד את אביך ואת אמך

To Get Kicked Out by nJJ (ChenYo and Dann)

Ayeh - nJJ (All She Wrote Freestyle) איה מאת אנג'ייג'יי

Ayeh - Where In the World Am I? - איה מקום כבודו

After Priests Blessings - אדיר במרום שוכן בגבורה אתה שלום ושמך שלום

What is Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman?

You may have seen them dancing in the streets, you have almost certainly seen their viral videos. But you probably have no idea what its all about! This video seeks to answer that, or at least in part. What is the Universal Song of Redemption? Where did it come from? Find out here!

Video created by Shlomo Phillips 12.09.2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My thoughts on Laban

Laban is much worse then Amalek:

Amalek is mentioned many times as a descendant of Esav.  This is a positive sign in G-ds' book, the name is mentioned.  Not so Laban who is ignored when the name of his sister Rivka is enumerated.  Laban in Hebew is akin to "whiteout" the erasing ink, very very unflattering.

Why is that?

When a person is destroyed by an Amalekite, a very cruel death, however, the person has a sweet after-life.  Not so Laban, who can confuse well intended people and send them to Hell for good.  Furthermore, Amalek had a horrible start in life, where Laban has the potential to be a saint but chooses to mislead his "friends" instead.

There is something to be said about this generation as being more dangerous then the generation of WWII.  The number of Laban-like leaders is greater then ever.

Lengthen Your Days On The Land - למען ירבו ימיכם וימי בניכם על האדמה

Have Mercy On Us Hashem - חוסה ה' עלינו ברחמיך

HH nice soft new song, thank G-d for NNNNM!

G-d desires Nanach - השם חפץ למען צדקו יגדיל תורה ויאדיר

HH -- made a new channel for my songs without videos -- enjoy the music.

A nice new Jewish song. NNNNM!

HH time to vote for Rabbainu NNNNM! הפץ'ועים האמיתים - פ'תק צ'דיקים - בוחרים פץ - נ נח

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nanaching Israel!

Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

Nanaching Israel!
    Published on December 03, 2014. Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman is sweeping Israel and the world! Rebbe Nachman stated that his "fire" would burn until the coming of Mashiach/Messiah. Rebbe Nachman's Wisdom is filling the earth with HOPE and JOY. In this video I share a few of my photos from Israel, some of Rebbe Nachman's sayings, and the Nanach Song.
    Enjoy, like and share!
    Video created by Shlomo Phillips 12.03.2014

Friday, December 5, 2014



Letter Adressed to Members of Knesset:
Mr. Isaac Heertzog, Mr. Yair Lapid and Mrs. Zippi Livni,

Rabbi Nachman said: “my only place is the land of Israel”(Chayeh Moharan/the Life of Rabbi Nachman # 156).

President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat in his Peace treaty with Israel: “No more War, no more bloodshed”.

Rabbi Nachman’s United Israeli Government Peace Initiative To Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.

Rabbi Nachman’s wisdom is for all mankind.  Teachings of his are studied in Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, English, French aso…

The Palestinians can have the east of Jerusalem as their capital and as their state, wherever they are currently settled. 

'Ebay Ha Nachal' letter #1 (by Rabbi Odesser to President Zalman Shazar):

“Jerusalem will not be built, 

until there will be peace amongst the people of Israel, 

then, there is truth, there is Peace."

NA NACH NACHMA NACHMAN  from Uman to Jerusalem NOW, is Peace Now.
In the name of the Committee to Bring Rabbi Nachman of Breslev to Jerusalem,

Hannukka Sameach (happy Hannukka) 

Sharon Sheltzer