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Friday, November 7, 2014

Strategic shift in Uman

Rabbi Nachman just made a big step forward.(link)

The Canadian Government is unquestionably the leader of the first world at this point.  Both houses of Congress probably understand this.  So do the bankers, I suggest it is the right time to "attack" the BIS and put it to the service of the owners, who are no other then the victims of Genocide, be they Jewish, Armanian or American Indian etc... even though a large percentage of the original gold is unquestionably Jewish teeth.  The job is up for grabs and it pays handsomely. As the Most Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper knows, only the brave can participate.

Rabbi Nachman, like Josef is the source of all wealth and Prime Minister Harper will inherit ALL the powers of the Pharaoh that anointed Josef (and much more) by bringing Rabbi Nachman to King David.  (suggest placing him temporarily on Temple Mount in the custody of a revised Waakf until Mt. Zion is properly excavated and prepared for the millions of tourists that will be flooding Jerusalem every New Year).

Only those that connect to "Josef" are descendants of Jacob and can call themselves Israel, the position is WIDE OPEN.  Rabbi Nachman would have even been able to save Sodom, Amora and Schem as he was born from the tears of a deceased saint "Rachel".  Moses was the only man in his generation who was faithful to Josef and HE carried the bones til the ripe age of 120.

Mordecai Spiro

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