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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Letter to accompany Ebay Ha Nachal to the Knesset

TO: The office of the President Hanassi St. Jerusalem 9218888 Fax 972 2 610037

Dear President of The State of Israel, Mr. Ruven Rivlin. 

Please accept a copy of Ebay Ha Nachal. This is the first official book of the Israeli Presidency. Brought to print by President Zalman Shazar and Nobel Laureate Prof. Shai Agnon, the letters of this book were appreciated by President Isaac Ben Zvi and President Weisman.

 Our first Minister of Education considered this book the highest form of learning. In spite of this amazing recommendation, Ebay Ha Nachal would be unknown today if not for the efforts of many isolated private individuals fighting against “the system”. Surprising as it may seem, the biggest Zionist printing house, the Machon Zalman Shazar and the biggest Haredi (Breslev) printing house, the Keren Rav Israel (Saba) Odesser, both refused to print this book for many years.

Unfortunately, the tribal and separatist mentality that prevented the printing of this book is an ancient evil trait still haunting us today. I could even demonstrate that this mentality has been and is still the cause of our long exile. This book is the remedy for this.

This book represents “shalom bait” and this book can unite the government behind the very logical project of burying Rabbi Nachman on Mt. Zion, in spite of what some authorities that will not allow a public debate might claim.

Among the noteworthy wonders of this book is that all the Israeli Banknotes illustrate the people that brought this book by “Odesser” to the press. Until Shai Agnon was taken off the Nis. 50,- the economy was doing very well.

 For more information look up Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, or Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro.

God Bless you Sir, and the Nation of Israel. Geoffrey Max Spiro Ebay Ha Nachal village, Gush Etsion Tel.: 0504104961

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The villager said...

The best way to UNITE is through being always happy. Someone happy loves the world. Terrorism works because people become sad or "tame" which means they succumb to lust and other "thrills" to forget their despair. Saying Na Nach works...and I can actually explain how so read my previous blogs or ask...