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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Antonov and Rabbi Nachman

Geoffrey M Spiro
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Antonov Airlines

Please consider what I am proposing here as “just an idea” for the promotion of ANTONOV Airlines, also of the Ukraine, its industry and its population.  

The world never thinks of the Ukraine in terms of a technologically advanced country to be respected and feared.  This could change rapidly as well as the reputation of your company.  I will keep it very simple.

You’re Ukrainian  AN-225 Mriya carrier can seat a very large number of passengers.  

The reburial of Rabbi Nachman from Uman to Mt. Zion Jerusalem would please everybody on the side of Josef (the name of the father of Jesus), but would infuriate Pharaoh, who in this generation is named Putin.  Pharaoh forgot Josef, fatal mistake.  

You have heard about the Jewish New Year pilgrimage to Uman.  How about becoming the number one passenger airline for the pilgrimage to Jerusalem?  Hundreds of thousands of people will want to be on this flight with Rabbi Nachman from your headquarters in Kiev to (King David) Mt. Zion Jerusalem at almost any cost.

I am assuming your company wants this to happen as it would greatly benefit the economy of the Ukraine, today and in the future.  Please contact me if you want any assistance.  How many seats can be installed and what would be the cost for a full security VIP service?


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copy to:

President of Israel:  Mr. Ruven Rivlin
Foreign Minister of Canada: Honorable John Baird
Minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora affairs: Mr. Naftali Bennett 

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