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Monday, October 27, 2014

Noach, Avraham & Rabbi Nachman & how uniting Jews helps the world

Noach was able to save his own family. Abraham was able to save his district, but not Sdom  Amorra.  Rabbi Nachman emphisizes that the real "kiddush hashem" is when the reshaim do tchouva..that means Sdom and Amorra.  Moses used the Pharoe "who forgot Josef" to save Am Israel.  The real Kiddush Hashem is that the brothers accept Josef.

The EVIL connected to the Tower of Bavel was that men were getting together in opposition to the rule of 1/3,1/3,1/3 where 1/3 were supposed to be desert, 1/3 semi-populated, 1/3 cities.  There were 7 basic rules, this was one of them.

What is wrong with men getting together to build, isn't that what we did for the temple?  Ben/even/boneh it's all the same word...son, stone, build...

The difference between the children of Josef (these are the descendants of Jacob, JOSEF) and the others is that Israel (Josef) needs to be in the chosen land as the chosen head.  When others want to unite in one geographical location in this way it is an error, for us it is a mitsvah...

By uniting all his students in Jerusalem for Rosh Hashana..Rabbi Nachman will "empower" all the reshaim and they will be judged favorably and find their appropriate place in creation (not destruction).

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