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Sunday, October 12, 2014

mysterious connection between Rabbi Nachman and Moses?

Today was Rabbi Nachman's Hilloulla AND Moses Ouspizine (honored succos guest).

The two share the same Bar Mitsvah parasha, Vayikra (the official beginning of the Torah- not Bereshit).  Moses is born and dies on the 7th of Adar. Rabbi Nachman is only born on the 1st of Nissan.  The two are absolutely interconnected by their date of birth and date of death including the Succos date which represents the world to come.

Rav Israel (Na Nach) is called Israel Ber (eshit) [10 more] which connects the beginning and end of the Torah at Shemini-Atseret or Simcha Torah. Rav Israel is also Rabbi Nachman.  He said all the beginnings were Pessach but now they are Purim (the brit of Moshe).

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