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Monday, October 6, 2014

My attempt at playing the role of Yonas

Attention of: 

The Secretary General of NATO
Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, 

His Excellency,

As a man of peace, I appeal to you to consider the unusual and unknown facts presented here for the first time in history.  

These unknown facts are keys to solving the emerging crisis both in Ukraine and the Middle East.  The energy and economic crisis conjunctures at play are but the symptoms of a problem which is solvable.  

The base of all human conflict is division and power struggle.  An excellent example, the Civil War in the United States, separated the believers in slavery from those that were against it. 

Josef was meant to lead the 12 tribes; fortunately for all of us, Ishmaelites where there to save Josef from his own brothers, who could not tolerate Gods’ choice of earthly leadership.  Slavery presented here for the first time is a temporary salvation in this case.  The 70 people going into Egypt were ordered not to leave the remains of Josef behind them in Egypt, each one (tribe) was supposed to participate in bearing the remains to Israel.  That promise to G-d has not been kept by ANY tribe; consequently, it was not possible to do so until today, because no alternative bones were available.

The anti-semitism of the “70 gentile nations” is a ‘tit for tat’, “logical/reasonable” response to Israel for breaking its word to God.  So are the 70 interpretations(faces) of the old testament, 70 cries of a woman in labor, the 70 sages of the San Headrin, the English word for eye in Hebrew is pronounced like the letter “eyin”(cry), the letter that looks like Y(why?) also NATO going into its 70th year, and these are just a few illustrations. 

Consequently, there must be strife, division and no leadership until either;

1)      A leader is proclaimed through War like Achaschverosh of Ancient Persia (which is a temporary solution), or 2) A premeditated rejection of the real leadership by a gentile King will unite the world behind the objective of “forgetting” the true leader (this is what happened to Egypt during the reign of Moses).

Very fortunately, Jerusalem has been settled today but unlike during the return from the Babylonian Exile (when Jerusalem was also settled), Today, we do have a possibility to keep our ancient promise and unite the world through true leadership.  Keeping this promise means taking the fight directly to the heart of the Evil itself and avoiding the two distressing scenarios 1 and 2 above, experienced previously in history.
Rabbi Nachman like the leaders Josef and the Prophet Samuel (1) was bornonly from the tears of his mother (both Rachel and Hana became pregnant on Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year), (also the day Josef was pulled out of prison)).  Prophet Samuel anointed the two first Kings of Israel, King Saul and King David.
Rabbi Nachman is currently buried in Uman in the Ukraine and it is my educated belief that Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated for his attempt to bury Rabbi Nachman on Mt. Zion, next to King David, which would have guaranteed the complete success of the Oslo Peace Process. 

The corrupting of Kiev is a conscious attempt at maintaining the status quo, slavery to the Kremlin who understand as Evil does what endangers it.

The Israeli pilgrimage to that place is only comparable to Abraham willing to go against the struggle of his whole life against idolatry and to sacrifice Isaac, the ultimate form of idolatry, because the truth is that G-d asks him to do this.  Important here is that it is a final test.

By simply bringing Rabbi Nachman to Mount Zion, not only Peace will be achieved, but the prayer of Sir Winston Churchill for the “Total Victory” the hope of the Allied Forces will in fact be attained.
The operation is baffling by its simplicity.  Rabbi Nachman is put on a plane in Ukraine by the Government of the Ukraine and the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry brings him to Israel and organizes the reception and burial in Israel.

Praying for Nachman to rest in peace on Mt. Zion,
Geoffrey Max Spiro
Village of Ebay Ha Nachal, Gush Etsion

Sent to:
President  of the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry, Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit
Prime Minister  of the Ukraine, Mr. Artseniy Yatsenkuk   
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Honorable Mr. John Baird
United States Ambassador to Israel, His Excellency Mr. Daniel B Shapiro

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