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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Letter to the Central Bank of Ukraine

 The purpose of this letter is to boost the economy of the Ukraine in the safest way possible. 

The easiest,  most rapid, risk free way to do this is to strengthen the UHA in ONE STEP.  No bilateral or trilateral or multinational deals need to be made, one simple decision and the responsibility is entirely the Governors and (maybe) President Porochenkos’. 

The person on the 5,- UHA Banknote needs to be replaced with Tsar Paul I, who was assassinated by the Kremlin.  The rest of this brief letter will brief you on the logic behind this.

It is a fact that the name of G-d appears 1820 times in the old testament, also,  the name YKVK has the numeric value of 26, while Divinities (Elokim) has the numeric value of 65, if 26+27+28+..+64+65= 1820 then 1820 is significant, there are 27 of these associations to the name of G-d, for example, another two are the numeric value of the two sons of Moses= 1820 and the surviving two sons of Ahron= 1820. 

1820 is the year of the Missouri Compromise, the state that gave Kyiv Post its' journalism first prize this year, and where the blacks are revolting in Fergusson.  A few decades after slavery was NOT ABOLISHED in Missouri (1820), the South established slavery throughout all the southern states and printed a "greyback dollar" with slaves and topless women on it representing their belief system (the Dombass have a confederate flag).  The North printed a "greenback" Dollar with 5 abolitionists (against slavery). 

The South lost because their currency had no value...the North currency had no value either, but it was well respected and honored. 

The UHA can only be saved by removing the Cossack traitor, Kremlin sympathizer and genocide-murderer from the 5,- UHA.  The UHA is worse than the confederate Greyback Dollar.  The Kremlin, like the Confederacy believes in slavery, white man slaves, or "slaves" same word, not a coincidence.  The USA liberates the Negroes while the Kremlin enforces the servitude of the peasants by feeding them lies and causing them to become criminals to 'survive' each other.

The turning point in the History of Russia and the Ukraine was when a good man, Tsar Paul I of Russia was assassinated in front of a naive genius Alexander I.  Both men were defeated by the treachery and lies of the Kremlin. Printing a G-d fearing man like Tzar Paul I on the UHA, will bring truth back and help fight corruption, and CERTAINLY the economy of the Ukraine and the value of the UHA will go right up.

I hope you will take this information to heart, because Prime Minister Netanyahu did not want to keep Prof. Shai Agnon on the 50,- Nis and the growth went immediately down to 2% in this country.  Make no mistake this information is real and "free".

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Copy to:

Foreign Minister of Canada: Honorable  Mr. John Baird
Finance Minister of Israel: Mr. Yair Lapid

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