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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Na Nach Miracle

A friend of mine recently had a road rage incident. He turned himself in to the cops. Three days before Rosh Hashana, he got locked up. Bail was set at $15,000. Lacking tefillin or a shofar, he was looking at spending Rosh Hashana in jail. He began to think about various tzadikim. Who -- including his own Rebbe -- would want a road rage chusid? He began to despair. Then he remembered that Rebbe Nachman said that there is no despair. The next evening, he remembered the holy name Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman and began to dance and chant Na Nach in his cell. Ten minutes later, he was informed that an anonymous donor had paid his $15,000 bail -- in cash. Very few people were even aware that he was in jail, and among those that knew, nobody has any idea who the donor was. My friend got out in time for Rosh Hashana. NNNNM!

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