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Friday, September 12, 2014

What is the connection of

1. Ve'im ayiN mecheni na (Ex. 32:2) =backwards ani nachman
2. Me'ein kamokha (Jer. 7:10) = mi ayin kamokha

Has it been offered that the answer is
3. peh el peh (Num. 12:8); panim el panim (Ex. 32:11)?

Meaning, phrase 1 is "ayiN," keter, facing a backwards "ani nachmaN," sharing the Nun sofith, ze`ir anpin amuda emtza`itha, mouth to mouth, face to face, which answers the question of phrase 2.

Bizkhuto z"tzl na`avor eth-hakol berachamei
shabath shalom shanah tovah y yk ykv ykvk

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