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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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We meet tonight 22:00 to 00:00 at the Rova with MK Danny Danon.  I will give him the copy of Ebay Ha Nachal that I have been using for years in the Beit Knesset of Ebay Ha Nachal.  I will be asking him to distribute personally 120 copies to members of Knesset.  Here is a draft of the letter that will accompany the books:

Dear Member of Israeli Knesset number…..
Please accept this issue of Ebay Ha Nachal, the first official book of the Israeli Presidency.  It is time for this book to be known.  

Unfortunately the biggest Zionist printing house, the Machon Zalman Shazar and the biggest Haredi (Breslev) printing house, the Keren Rav Israel (Saba) Odesser, both refused to print this book for many years.  The tribal and separatist mentality the story of this book (of our first minister of education) exemplifies; still exists and as always is the cause of our long exile. 

This book represents “shalom bait” and this book can unite the government behind the very logical project of burying Rabbi Nachman on Mt. Zion. 

Until Shai Agnon was taken off the Nis. 50,- all five banknotes (if you count 10,- as “Odesser”) were engraved by pure chance with the people that brought this book to the press.

[The US Government understands the importance of WHO is printed on the Dollar that's why they spend 55 Million more on copper to print 1 cent "Lincolns" then the penny is actually worth.  They don't have anyone like the five men who are on our Shekel, but they have good Jews keeping the Central Bank in the green.]

Israel will never be a nation of slaves again, but where the head goes, so do the feet.

For more information look up Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, or Geoffrey Max Mordecai  Spiro.


The villager said...

this is post reish peh beit

The villager said...

post 282, reish peh beit (hint LM- mida tova/ shir cshofar) (Azamra)

The villager said...

post 282, reish peh beit (hint LM- mida tova/ shir cshofar) (Azamra)

Anonymous said...

Wow... So much chanufa to reshaim and taliking against those who go to the Rebbe. When looking for something dumb and heretic i always know i can count on the villager