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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prof. Shai Agnon needs to stay

Attention of the Governor of the Bank of Israel
Dr. Karmit Flug,

Congratulation to you, on being awarded 7th Prize out of the 70 central bankers. 

There is a historical precedent to this. 

Mordecai was demoted from 3rd to 7th among the 70 elders in Bavel,  they decided he was too concerned with the welfare of the nation to study torah properly.  After having saved the whole nation his status was lowered, this does not seem logical, (even Emperor Achachverosh wanted to make him King on the second day).  As you suspect, some information is missing.

The decision by Prime Minister Netanyahu to take Professor Shai Agnon off the 50,- Nis. is a real problem. For example, this error has already led to Netanyahu losing the support of his party today.  As you know, there is no need to change the person on the banknote, in order to print new banknotes the US Dollar is the example "par excellence".  Three times before, such announcements have been made for the Shekel, but not carried out.  Is it again still possible to undo the damage?

All 5 people connected to the Banknotes and the 10 (Odesser) made the book Ebay Ha Nachal, village (Gush Etsion)which I founded.  This is the reason for your and Israel's economic success:

Rabbi Nachman is holier the Josef, he is Rachel’s second son. 
All the wheat comes from Ukraine. 
Me-Uman to Odessa, Ber (sea) Israel,  is a straight line south.  
Rabbi Israel was born in a Well in Tiberas, Ebay Ha Nachal Novea mekor Chochma is roshe tevotes Be Erets Isral!

You can save the country and the world like Esther if you maintain the Shekel the way it is, if you bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, you will do more then Esther.  In fact you can do what she did not have the possibility of doing yet...making good on the promise of the 70 people that went into Egypt, a promise they refused to keep when Moses asked them to, since they were too busy "looking for gold".  

Founder of Ebay Ha Nachal, Gush Etzion

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