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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Number one nation...Ukraine?

The solution to Ukraine's problems is 1) a very strong economy, 2) immense popularity among other populations. You will be astonished at the way to achieve these two objectives: Change the 5,- Uha bill. On it is the worst barbarian in history, another man who wanted to free the slave-ic peasants from slavery was Paul I, this Tzar of Russia and Ukraine was assassinated by the Kremlin in front of his son (no surprise). Placing Tzar Paul I instead of (may his name be erased) would save the Ukraine "like magic". But if Ukraine wants to be ahead of all other nations, this is also possible: place Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (or his tomb in Uman) on the 5,- Uha , unlike Jesus, he is not G-d, but he was born from the tears of Rachel over three thousand years into the family of the greatest Jewish Saints, his level of purity (as a man) is greater the Josef's who is only 20 years of tears of Rachel. The Ukraine should be extremely proud to have given birth to Rabbi Nachman and make the most out of it by sending him for re-burial next to King David in Jerusalem. Ukraine can defeat Russia without firing a single bullet...why not do it?

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