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Sunday, September 7, 2014

No one going to Uman this year, Let's Scream Na Nach

G-d heard their organized "cry".  We want to raise our voice like a shofar and say: Please Rest In Peace Nachman, which can only be on Mt. Zion (Because from Zion the Torah will come and the word of G-d from Jerusalem). You will find the "cry" mentioned in this weeks reading (Ki Tavo) Levite alia.   The books of Moses are a dress rehearsal for what has to happen now that the equivalent of Josef, "Rabbi Nachman" is available.

This entire Parsha (ki-tetse) is only about war against Amalek.  How to destroy him for good.  Notice what a man does in the special case of a close brother who dies leaving no children...why is he called a person with a loose shoe?  What do shoes and un-wedded sister in laws have in common?
You could say that Serach Bat Asher went without her match, but she did bury him while the "brothers" were more concerned about their shoes.  This is the only way to defeat Amalek and end all bloodshed, to keep our "Circumcision" marking the beginning of our EXILE.  The circumcision offered by Rabbi Nachman will mark the beginning of the Redemption.  Therefore the books of Moses are a dress rehearsal, time to understand the lesson and scream: Na Nach Nachma Nachman  NOW, THIS WEEK, so that ALL Israel can be united and keep our oath and enter the redemption.

Now we can also spit towards someone and take his shoe off instead...this will happen to quite a few people and they will consider "give me liberty or give me death, wishful thinking" so terrible will be the shame in front of the merciful G-d.

The circumcision is the oath of the word.  Eight because that's the breaking of the Husk or Pach or 88, (the 44 lights of Hanukka).  The name of the Head-King: L (noun)x4.  Only WE can keep OUR promise.

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