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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hey fourth attempt at changing the Shekel

I live in eBay so I don't care....

Here is my suggestion to President Poroshenko, third commentator to his speech:

The Peace and Prosperity can be assured and guaranteed in two easy steps: 1) take the Kremlin backed monster off the 5,-Uha banknote & instead place the grave of the holiest Jewish Saint of all times along with a picture of his Tzar Paul I. 2) Order the Knesset to bury Rabbi Nachman on Mt Zion which is Jewish Law and will make Christians and Muslems very happy, even though some Rabbis will protest for the same mysterious reason as throwing Josef in the well. The world will know once and for all that the holiest people in the last century were Ukrainians, and that the holy land itself is not complete without them! I am certain that the Ukraine and Canada along with it will become THE leading nations, Russia should want a part of that action too.

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