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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

HH -- Tal Menachem --- Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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We meet tonight 22:00 to 00:00 at the Rova with MK Danny Danon.  I will give him the copy of Ebay Ha Nachal that I have been using for years in the Beit Knesset of Ebay Ha Nachal.  I will be asking him to distribute personally 120 copies to members of Knesset.  Here is a draft of the letter that will accompany the books:

Dear Member of Israeli Knesset number…..
Please accept this issue of Ebay Ha Nachal, the first official book of the Israeli Presidency.  It is time for this book to be known.  

Unfortunately the biggest Zionist printing house, the Machon Zalman Shazar and the biggest Haredi (Breslev) printing house, the Keren Rav Israel (Saba) Odesser, both refused to print this book for many years.  The tribal and separatist mentality the story of this book (of our first minister of education) exemplifies; still exists and as always is the cause of our long exile. 

This book represents “shalom bait” and this book can unite the government behind the very logical project of burying Rabbi Nachman on Mt. Zion. 

Until Shai Agnon was taken off the Nis. 50,- all five banknotes (if you count 10,- as “Odesser”) were engraved by pure chance with the people that brought this book to the press.

[The US Government understands the importance of WHO is printed on the Dollar that's why they spend 55 Million more on copper to print 1 cent "Lincolns" then the penny is actually worth.  They don't have anyone like the five men who are on our Shekel, but they have good Jews keeping the Central Bank in the green.]

Israel will never be a nation of slaves again, but where the head goes, so do the feet.

For more information look up Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, or Geoffrey Max Mordecai  Spiro.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Gagagagagagagauim LaPetek Nanach 20130611

HH gaga on the Petek! gaga on the Nanach!

Rosh Hashana IS Rabbenu, this proves he was born from tears.

What is the probability that both Rachel AND Hana became pregnant on Rosh Hashana?  Both gave birth to exceptionally holy individuals and both were born from tears.  Will the suffering of Am Israel give birth to Rabbi Nachman from Tiberias?  Will he be able to get assistance in Bringing Rabbi Nachman to Zion (Mt. Zion)?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shin Shin Mem - Shirei Moharan album out now!

Shirei Moharan vol. 1, the new album from Shin Shin Mem, available now!   Vol. 2 coming soon!
Check out the link below.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Campaign for the Geula, final push!

Dr. Hagai Ben-Artzi

Dear Professor,

I am astonished at the exactitude of your reaction to your brothers' attack on the value of the shekel.  Your action is saving Israel already.  I want to coordinate activities with you and be part of the success of your invaluable campaign. 
My village is called Ebay Ha Nachal, this is the name of the first book of the Israeli Presidency, it was made by President Zalman Shazar, President Issak Ben Tzvi, Author Shai Agnon, the title was suggested by Prime Minister Moshe Sharet, the letters were written by Rabbi Odesser. 
I am signaling to you that these are all the people on the current shekel. 
Perhaps, you could "recruit" my whole village to back up your project as it is good "advertisement" for them.  The reasons I support you are much much deeper than that.  Proof is already on the web…two places you can find my work are :Facebook, Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem;  also on the web:; you can see a film of the village on vimeo, just type Blossoms_of_the_spring in Google.
I can be reached at the World Federation for Moroccan Jewry 42 Jaffo St.,  02 627377 or 0504104961
Please don’t hesitate to contact me as so much depends on this.

Geoffrey Mordecai Spiro

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tourism in Jerusalem?

Ministry of Tourism of Israel


Attn.: The Minister of Tourism,
Major Uzi Landau

Congratulations sir on having received a large budget during these tight money times.

Nothing is as beneficial or difficult to achieve as peace, somehow this seems to be in your jurisdiction today.

The value of Rabbi Nachman, a Russian, Ukrainian, Jewish, Zionist, fighter for freedom from the "confederate" Kremlin is immeasurable today if he is buried on Mt. Zion, as a tourist attraction and a diplomatic and religious trump card.

The operation will be secured by the ministry if they can place the saint on a Virgin Airlines flight before Rosh Hashana. The World Federation for Moroccan Jewry will do the rest.

Shana Tova, Mazal tov.

Geoffrey M. Spiro
Mitnachel Ebay Ha Nachal, Gush Etsion


The Foreign Minister of Canada, Honorable Mr. John Baird
The Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Mr. Oleksandr Shlapak

Canada and Ukraine now control Rabbi Nachman!

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Most Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper,

I was delighted by President Poroshenko's speech and I am anticipating happily the free-trade agreement between your two countries.

The success of Peace is potentially very close but depends entirely on a very small move. I am not diminishing the greatness and the success of yourgovernments and populations, I am not being pretentious either, really the small move I am bringing up in this letter is no less relevant to a contract then the small signature on the dotted line, that's just the way it is, if you believe in Peace G-d will help you understand this as well.

The unavoidable small move required for Peace is the burial of Rabbi Nachman on Mt. Zion, next to King David, by the Ukraine and Canada as a true sign of international cross-religious friendship, understanding and wisdom.

Canada and the Ukraine can request this favor of the Government of Israel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Prof. Shai Agnon needs to stay

Attention of the Governor of the Bank of Israel
Dr. Karmit Flug,

Congratulation to you, on being awarded 7th Prize out of the 70 central bankers. 

There is a historical precedent to this. 

Mordecai was demoted from 3rd to 7th among the 70 elders in Bavel,  they decided he was too concerned with the welfare of the nation to study torah properly.  After having saved the whole nation his status was lowered, this does not seem logical, (even Emperor Achachverosh wanted to make him King on the second day).  As you suspect, some information is missing.

The decision by Prime Minister Netanyahu to take Professor Shai Agnon off the 50,- Nis. is a real problem. For example, this error has already led to Netanyahu losing the support of his party today.  As you know, there is no need to change the person on the banknote, in order to print new banknotes the US Dollar is the example "par excellence".  Three times before, such announcements have been made for the Shekel, but not carried out.  Is it again still possible to undo the damage?

All 5 people connected to the Banknotes and the 10 (Odesser) made the book Ebay Ha Nachal, village (Gush Etsion)which I founded.  This is the reason for your and Israel's economic success:

Rabbi Nachman is holier the Josef, he is Rachel’s second son. 
All the wheat comes from Ukraine. 
Me-Uman to Odessa, Ber (sea) Israel,  is a straight line south.  
Rabbi Israel was born in a Well in Tiberas, Ebay Ha Nachal Novea mekor Chochma is roshe tevotes Be Erets Isral!

You can save the country and the world like Esther if you maintain the Shekel the way it is, if you bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, you will do more then Esther.  In fact you can do what she did not have the possibility of doing yet...making good on the promise of the 70 people that went into Egypt, a promise they refused to keep when Moses asked them to, since they were too busy "looking for gold".  

Founder of Ebay Ha Nachal, Gush Etzion

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ki Tavo & Na Nach, clear instructions for today!

The difference between Rabbi Nachman of Breslev and Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman is that the former went back to the Ukraine to leave his bones for us to take to Israel and the latter finished the job, he is also Rabbi Nachman...true he finished for himself, however, only Am Israel can really finish the job (of keeping their old oath).

The Nachman(s) "came" to Israel however (the title Ki Tavo means "because you will come") in Rabbi Nachman of Breslev's case it was similar to Josef, he only came to ensure his future burial and perhaps to keep a promise common to all Jews (after having made four steps he wanted to go back, being obligated to stay he attempted to go to Jerusalem but he was prevented from doing so).

The Ki Tavo speaks of the Cohen of that day and the place where his NAME will reside and special instructions about the Bikourim which in Hebrew also means "visits" but no one notices it.  Because each visit to a new Jew brings first fruits of Torah and new wisdom and insight.  I call this Hafatsa.

We have typical blessing and curse situation, related to the opening and closing of a period.  Entering the 40 desert years we received the 10 commandments now leaving that period we receive the 10 curses.  Entering the Diaspora we take an oath to bring Josef to Israel when G-d remembers us, we didn't exactly keep our covenant our "bris mila" so we are still in the diaspora.  What about the promise made to Abraham that we would spend 400 years in Egypt.  This covenant was also made "between" parts (like the two mountains or the two tablets) with a clear beginning and end of the period.  The focus of this Ki Tavo are 13 curses separated by 10 Amens (like the 10 commandments) marking the closing of the episode of the spies.  AMEN folks means Bring Your Life (French/Rashi language) the Loyal King of Truth (Hebrew) uniting the brother of the Torah to the Torah you can put the two statements together and solve the riddle.  The 10 laws here are very different from the 10 commandments.  They are absolutely relevant to the more "modern" teachings of Rabbi Nachman and give you an idea of what the Cohen of this new place wants to hear, because as rabbi Nachman says wisdom can only be attained by the pure, the offerings given in this place are holy teachings, the fruit of human struggle to come closer to G-d in the land of truth.

I hope you were able to absorb this fresh look at Ki Tavo which goes far beyond the current teachings of those who have the misfortune of not understanding anything about Na Nach and the Petek.

Friday, September 12, 2014

What is the connection of

1. Ve'im ayiN mecheni na (Ex. 32:2) =backwards ani nachman
2. Me'ein kamokha (Jer. 7:10) = mi ayin kamokha

Has it been offered that the answer is
3. peh el peh (Num. 12:8); panim el panim (Ex. 32:11)?

Meaning, phrase 1 is "ayiN," keter, facing a backwards "ani nachmaN," sharing the Nun sofith, ze`ir anpin amuda emtza`itha, mouth to mouth, face to face, which answers the question of phrase 2.

Bizkhuto z"tzl na`avor eth-hakol berachamei
shabath shalom shanah tovah y yk ykv ykvk

Likutay Halachos on the Parsha

Likutay Halachos on the Parsha are now available for free download

לקוטי הלכות על פרשיות השבוע והחגים
חומש בראשית
בראשית • נח • לך לך • וירא • חיי שרה • תולדות • ויצא • וישלח • וישב• מקץ • ויגש • ויחי
חומש שמות
שמות • וארא • בא • בשלח • יתרו • משפטים • תרומה • תצוה • כי תשא • ויקהל • פקודי
חומש ויקרא
חומש במדבר
במדבר • נשא • בהעלותך • שלח • קרח • חקת • בלק • פנחס • מטות •מסעי
חומש דברים
דברים • ואתחנן • עקב • ראה • שופטים • תצא כי • תבוא כי • נצבים •וילך • האזינו • וזאת הברכה
ראש השנה • יום הכיפורים • חג הסוכות • חנוכה • פורים • חג הפסח •חג השבועות

More free book downloads on

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pay...close attention to the "blessing"

Read what the PM says about his fourth attempt at "defacing" OUR Ebay currency!

Hey fourth attempt at changing the Shekel

I live in eBay so I don't care....

Here is my suggestion to President Poroshenko, third commentator to his speech:

The Peace and Prosperity can be assured and guaranteed in two easy steps: 1) take the Kremlin backed monster off the 5,-Uha banknote & instead place the grave of the holiest Jewish Saint of all times along with a picture of his Tzar Paul I. 2) Order the Knesset to bury Rabbi Nachman on Mt Zion which is Jewish Law and will make Christians and Muslems very happy, even though some Rabbis will protest for the same mysterious reason as throwing Josef in the well. The world will know once and for all that the holiest people in the last century were Ukrainians, and that the holy land itself is not complete without them! I am certain that the Ukraine and Canada along with it will become THE leading nations, Russia should want a part of that action too.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Number one nation...Ukraine?

The solution to Ukraine's problems is 1) a very strong economy, 2) immense popularity among other populations. You will be astonished at the way to achieve these two objectives: Change the 5,- Uha bill. On it is the worst barbarian in history, another man who wanted to free the slave-ic peasants from slavery was Paul I, this Tzar of Russia and Ukraine was assassinated by the Kremlin in front of his son (no surprise). Placing Tzar Paul I instead of (may his name be erased) would save the Ukraine "like magic". But if Ukraine wants to be ahead of all other nations, this is also possible: place Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (or his tomb in Uman) on the 5,- Uha , unlike Jesus, he is not G-d, but he was born from the tears of Rachel over three thousand years into the family of the greatest Jewish Saints, his level of purity (as a man) is greater the Josef's who is only 20 years of tears of Rachel. The Ukraine should be extremely proud to have given birth to Rabbi Nachman and make the most out of it by sending him for re-burial next to King David in Jerusalem. Ukraine can defeat Russia without firing a single bullet...why not do it?

No one going to Uman this year, Let's Scream Na Nach

G-d heard their organized "cry".  We want to raise our voice like a shofar and say: Please Rest In Peace Nachman, which can only be on Mt. Zion (Because from Zion the Torah will come and the word of G-d from Jerusalem). You will find the "cry" mentioned in this weeks reading (Ki Tavo) Levite alia.   The books of Moses are a dress rehearsal for what has to happen now that the equivalent of Josef, "Rabbi Nachman" is available.

This entire Parsha (ki-tetse) is only about war against Amalek.  How to destroy him for good.  Notice what a man does in the special case of a close brother who dies leaving no children...why is he called a person with a loose shoe?  What do shoes and un-wedded sister in laws have in common?
You could say that Serach Bat Asher went without her match, but she did bury him while the "brothers" were more concerned about their shoes.  This is the only way to defeat Amalek and end all bloodshed, to keep our "Circumcision" marking the beginning of our EXILE.  The circumcision offered by Rabbi Nachman will mark the beginning of the Redemption.  Therefore the books of Moses are a dress rehearsal, time to understand the lesson and scream: Na Nach Nachma Nachman  NOW, THIS WEEK, so that ALL Israel can be united and keep our oath and enter the redemption.

Now we can also spit towards someone and take his shoe off instead...this will happen to quite a few people and they will consider "give me liberty or give me death, wishful thinking" so terrible will be the shame in front of the merciful G-d.

The circumcision is the oath of the word.  Eight because that's the breaking of the Husk or Pach or 88, (the 44 lights of Hanukka).  The name of the Head-King: L (noun)x4.  Only WE can keep OUR promise.

Monday, September 1, 2014