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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Want to light a light for Rabbenu?

As I explained before, we couldn't go through Gaza because we didn't help Moses with keeping our promise of Pakad Pakadeti to Josef.  Like Pharaoh we were ready to forget about him (sounds familiar).  Each one, his own tribal leader (so we got 40 years).

When the three yeshiva bachors got butchered 20 000 bnei Israel walked in solidarity something like three kilometers to the graves.  That connected the feet with the head, the Noun (L) with the Reish (R) (you can flip one Hebrew letter on its' head and you get the other) the two letters connected spell 'NeR' or light.  When we go to Rabbi Nachman (the Head of Israel) we are connecting our feet to him, this is lighting a light!

At his highest level, just before dying Rabbi Nachman referred to his trip to the holy land and said:
"what do you have to worry about? I went before you. Just strengthen yourselves together and I will come to you".  For those of you who don't know Josef is just a reference to Nachamo Nachamo the second son born from the tears of Rachel, (LM Tanyana 67 last lines).

By running together for these boys, we are connecting these many feet to the head (the three boys who died in kiddush hashem).  This helps us to fulfill our oath to Josef, destroy Amalek, become nanachs and take Gaza!

Bring the wagons to the RUN.... press the link.
  Gush Nigh (light in the dark)

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