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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Strange Dreams

     I've figured out that before a big change in my life, I have some really strange dreams. Usually these dreams are somewhat morbid, and otherwise odd and filled with confusing messages. Sometimes they're upsetting, or I wake up thinking about how weird the dream was. It's common knowledge that when we sleep, our souls literally leave our bodies and Hashem keeps them until we wake up. It could only be Him who is giving me these strange, upsetting messages.
     The most common themes in my dreams are that I'm somewhere that I don't want to be, I'm being chased by someone wanting to kill me, or murder is taking place and I'm trying to stop it.
     There was one particular dream that stood out from all the other wacky, confusing dreams. In my dream, I found out that a company was killing people and making profit off of them. I figured that I was the only one who could stop it, so I tried to investigate. There was a mean woman from the company who came after me with a knife, and If I didn't kill her, she would kill me. You can assume what I did in response. For a while I didn't want to consider what this dream meant, but when I did I was very glad. Usually death or murder in a dream means that you're letting go of a part of yourself, or a part of your old life is ending. If only I had considered that earlier! The past few weeks have been painful, because of all the changes. These changes aren't vain, because they're helping me to change. In the Talmud, Brachos volume 2, Daf 33 Amud A, Rabbi Ami had said; "If someone does not have understanding, it is forbidden to have mercy on him". In the side notes, a second statement of his was mentioned in which he said, "One should not have compassion for someone who denies that his suffering is meant to stir him to repentance." Maybe the truth about why I am suffering right now is along with the changes that are happening, the suffering is to push me to change in other ways, deeply in my character.
     The problem is that a lot of people don't look deeply into their dreams because they assume that because they're "not real", they don't have "real" meanings. Well, they certainly do, and Rebbe Nachman kept a dream journal and interpreted his dreams. The Zohar tells, "A dream uninterpreted is a letter unopened".
     When people complain that G-d doesn't respond to them when they pray, I tell them that maybe they're not listening. Since we're not on a prophetic level like Moshe, we don't get to hear Hashem speak. But He is indeed "speaking". Some people I tell this don't want to listen. They get frustrated with me and say I don't "hear" anything; sometimes they say that I just imagine He's responding. B"H that He gave us dreams, because with these He sends us messages we otherwise would not receive. Dreams aren't to be taken lightly! Since I've been having these creepy dreams I've been recording them on paper, and I try to interpret them. It's been helpful to "hear" these messages. Don't ignore them.

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