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Friday, August 8, 2014

NaNach Kipas for Soldiers

A week and a half ago donated $500 (250 kipas) for the distribution of NaNach kipas to the soldiers fighting in Gaza. Aside from this, many other Kipas, Sifarim and Kimayot were given out by the Mafitzim. Many tanks had entire sets of Sefri Rabbanue inside, many Nanach stickers were placed on guns and ammunition.

Thanks to all the brave Mafitzim the went to do Hafatza and spread the light of the Tzadik.

As one of the Mafitizim told me last Shabbos....

"We were 5 - 6 guys in a little mini van (Shivti's), we left our families, work and lives and headed down to the war zone to spread Rabbanue and protect our country. Civilian cars are not allowed in; when we got to the police checkpoint, our driver put the pedal to the gas and we ripped passed them, are they really going to leave their check point to chase after a car of Nanach's?

We got to the area, there were diverse groups of soldiers all spread out, 50 here 50 there. As soon as each group saw us they ran to us. We all danced to the blasting Nanach music.  We gave out Kimayot, Kipas and books, as much as we had. Even those that never wear religious items, grasped at the kimyot and kipot to don them. Soldiers were taking stickers and placing it on their guns and ammunition. This is not allowed in the Israeli army, but this is War, no one really cares about the rules now.

We were with the soldiers for a while. We had long meaningful conversations with them; about life, about Hashem and about the Tzadik. These are guys that would normally be by the beach or a club on the weekend. Now the guy who just stood next to them is dead. Tomorrow they are entering Gaza. They are thinking about life, maybe there is more to it then what normally crosses their mind.

We go from group to group. We meet other Mafitzim, they too left their lives and came to the war zone to spread Rabbanue and protect our country. All together we came across 10 other Nanach vans but their easily could have been more.

Our little jalopy mini van shakes up and down as we pass across the rough terrain that was created for jeeps and tanks. Each bump seems like it can take a dangerous toll on the deteriorating vehicle. I sense the stress of the driver, it his personal car that he uses for day to day activities. He can not afford to have it break down, but we continue going anyways. 

Often we are lost, roaming endless dirt roads and terrains, with no directions. Sometimes an hour would pass, were we would not see anyone. We are totally lost and have no idea where we are going and are a few kilometers from the border. Any moment our mini van can break down. I heard in the past Gaza war, a Nanach van got stuck in the mud, in middle of the night, right near the borders. Even the soldiers refused to come and rescues them due to the danger. Finally a fearless local came in his pickup truck and pulled them out. A few times Hashem openly saves us from driving into quicksand.... We continue moving forward to do Hafatza. Saba said if the entire border was filled with Likutay Maharan the enemy would not be able to touch us. We advance trying to do our part..." 


Anonymous said...

Yashar Koach to everyone!!!!!!!!!
Na Nach :)

Unknown said...

Such kindness is what the soldiers protecting our Homeland need! Keep up this life changing work! :)