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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Why does it end with "ish lo needar" (no one will be missing)?

The whole issue here in Nachamo and even in Vayitchanan, is Jerusalem.

Imagine coming out of an egg.  Very hard to do for a little bird trying to be free from the Amalekite curse. (The 88 Pach or Heil Hitler).

One word repeated again and again like the tender little beak hitting in one place can break that husk!

Little would it help to win WWIII and receive the love of the whole world after G-d proved himself through miracles 5 times greater then the Exodus from Egypt, if we don't get the main point.  It is all about one single MITSVAH.  until we understand that, it is mercy that G-d did not heed Moses prayers to enter the land.

It is merciful of G-d, not to allow Moses or the Messiah in until....

(I hope someone out there got it?) "ki mitzion tezeh torah (ok) ou devar hashem mi yerouchalayim"

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