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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missouri & BIS

missouri compromise and newspaper prize from missouri relevant:

1820 times ykvk in torah etc.. reason:  slave-drivers last stand against abolitionists (missouri compromise 1820).  Abuse of this clause caused the civil war...the greyback dollar and the greenback dollar.

This year Kyiv Post received first prize in Journalism from Missouri.

Missouri Again.  

The tears of Karduner gave us Odesser,  The laughter of Odesser can give us Moshiah.  Putin wants slavery, Basel wants PERVERSION.  Therefore, Ham (black) can not win this war only SHEM (Na Nach). Nachman can not win this without Moshiah, WE MUST GET RABBI NACHMAN to Jerusalem.  That is why the Petek needs to be revealed...I think Lapid can win the H$$arts of the Egyptians (black), but the ministers need to keep Bibi in check.  

Obama, understands the letters I write, but uses them for his own lusts.  I don't know if Bibi is just as messed up, but I know the people that can influence his son...(not that they would want to listen to me $$$).

Norway (laban) is going to stop their funding of Hamas?? They are not to blame as long a Jew can be blamed for leading them down the wrong's all his fault obviously, they escape guilt.(that's exactly what they want).

Ukrainians are on the side of the guys in the streets of Jerusalem.  The "value" of the BIS is going to CRASH!  General mayhem will follow, which does not concern people of true faith.

THERE IS NO REASON FOR RABBI NACHMAN NOT TO COME IMMEDIATELY.  BIBI is NOT cooperating because he is following orders from Obama-Merkel-Putin (BIS).  Goodby BIS! Heinz(hinds)-Kerry and J street (J-ale) stripes!  

Hope Bibi will feel liberated enough to do the right thing. BIS is already planning to make a killing on the financing of the orgy of spiraling violence. (no local boys will be sent to the slaughter, like the last time).  BIS Moshiah Ved Kommen!

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