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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Letter to MFA John Baird before Minsk

Mordecai Geoffrey Max Spiro
World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
42 Jaffo St. Jerusalem
Kikar Tzion

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. John Baird
2249 Carling Ave Suite 418 Ottawa, 
Ontario K2B 7E9; 
Tel: 613-990-7720; Fax: 613-993-6501; ..

Your Honour,

The recent deal between the financial elite in Germany and the emerging democracy of Ukraine poses a potential threat to Canadian interests in a nuclear capable country with a serious economic handicap.  

Richard Bronson will be in Minsk, he has a serious interest in flying Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem.  If Canada doesn't suggest this to him and to President Poroshenko, Ukraine will be subjected to directives from those who have supplied Iran and are also preventing the destruction of Hamas.

Mrs. Merkel is now in the drivers seat of those trucks...and the only way to take the initiative back is to put Bronson in the cockpit with Rabbi Nachman on board!

Peace is possible...the King of Morocco is behind a deal in which no Jordanian, Israeli or Egyptian soldier fired a shot at another in over 30 years!  The Moroccan Federation will arrange the reception of Rabbi Nachman in Israel.

Wishing you health and success and a happy Rosh Hashana!

Mordecai Spiro
Project coordinator

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