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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Word on Repentance and Apologies

     Today I would like to say something on the two subjects, repentance and apologies. On average, there's at least two or three people that I apologize to each day. It's not always for great failures on my part, but I've recognized that even for the smaller things apologies are sometimes necessary. Maimonides had said; "The true repentant is the person who faces the same temptation again but doesn't sin." It's not so easy as just being sorry. However, if you're not deeply sorry, an apology, whether accepted or not, means little. An offense to G-d's creations is an offense to Him Himself. But if you really are sorry, whether you apologize or not, G-d sees that and He will want to help you to make an apology to the person you offended. Rabbeinu wrote, "Anyone who confesses has a portion in the World to Come".
     In addition, Rebbe Nachman had written in Sefer Hamidos on repentance, "It is fitting that repentance should be done through the very same matter (wherein one sinned)". So, if you rectify your sin or fault by correcting it with an alternate action, it is almost as if you had not ever committed the wrong. Nevertheless, you merit for this correction because you are no longer burdened by your wrongful action. When a person feels the need to apologize, meaning that they confess their wrongdoing to Hashem, they have a portion in Olam Haba (the World to Come). Confession is a very good remedy to begin with. Furthermore, when a person has thoughts of apologizing, this world sings. When the apology is said and accepted, the world sings a higher note.

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