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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Letter To the Haters

     A recent event in my personal life has inspired me to write about "Haters". My inspiration is this; my stepbrother is having a wedding soon, and he didn't invite my sister and I. Honestly, this really confirms that how I felt about my step-family is true; that they really just don't accept my biological family as fellow man. They act as if they're almost better than us because their kids go to ritzy schools, and live in ritzy houses, while my biological family members live in a nice house as well but don't feel the need to get snooty about it.
     My stepbrother has known my sister and I for at least eight years. As little kids we were absolute tyrants, were in the habit of breaking stuff for fun, and were generally not very pleasant to be around. Well, we certainly have changed. I can say for myself that I have, and there's no question about it. I'm nothing like the person that I was, even a year ago. It's pretty apparent that my step-family has never really fully accepted us as family, even today. They've always judged us for some reason or another, and I've decided that I would make a general letter to the "Haters", whether they are my step-family or just people who have judged me in my lifetime. I'd like to make peace with the Haters. Haters, if you're out there, if you're reading this, please for once don't judge and simply listen. That's all I ask of you.

August 6, 2014
My Not So Dear Haters,

     I'll openly admit it Haters, I'm confounded why I have put up with you for so long. For a long time, I have allowed you to make me feel terrible about myself, my family, and my own personal shortcomings. Today I declare an end to allowing you to do this. From today and on, I won't allow your hatefulness and harsh judgments to determine how I feel and how I act.
     Didn't you know, Haters, that you are the cause of pointless wars in the world? Have you even considered that you are the cause of teenage suicide? You hurt people because of their shortcomings, because of your own. I'm sorry that the only way that you can sleep at night is to know that someone is hurting worse than you. I'm genuinely sorry that you feel the need to do this to others. Who are you to judge? Who are you to decide whether another person's religion is right or wrong? You're not Hashem yet you act as if you are. There is a word for your affliction and it is this; arrogance. I'm sorry to announce that you are terminally ill with a life-threatening disease called arrogance.
     Arrogant Haters, stop pretending that you know me. You don't, because instead of trying to get to know me, you instead get to know your perception of me. I cannot think of anyone who knows me less than you, Haters. Why, Haters, is it so hard for you to give up your evil habit of judging others? It's not fair to me, and it's not fair to you either. Stop pretending even for a moment that you're right in your judgments. Stop speaking against people who are not like you.
     The truth is, not a single person in this world knows the truth in its entirety. By pretending that you do, you pull yourself farther and farther away from it. The truth is that only G-d knows the truth in its absolute entirety. You have no right to say that what I'm doing in my religion is wrong, because no one in this entire world knows the absolute truth. Every religion has some detail or another in it that strays from the truth. People mean the best, but nevertheless there comes a point where they are wrong. If you say that what I'm doing is wrong, then what you're doing is also wrong, because as human being we all have faults and are wrong because we do not have the absolute truth. Until G-d hands down the absolute truth like the ten commandments on Sinai, leave me be. Leave every person that you judge for their religion alone. For whatever reason that you may judge them for, leave them alone.
     For your illness there is a cure, however far gone your illness may seem, if you are humble enough to grasp it. The cure is called the truth. It has always been said that the truth will set you free. The truth will set you free today if you have an inkling of humility left within you. If this inkling still exists within you, chose to grasp it today because it's all that can save you from your arrogance. I truly do want to make peace with you. But will you chose to make peace with me? Will you chose to make peace with your arrogance? Arrogant Haters, there's still a chance for you. Don't throw it away because "humility" sounds like a dumb Hippie word. Just because the cure sounds impossible to grasp, it doesn't mean that it is. Your hate is your greatest downfall. So Haters, don't hate.

With the Best of Intent,
Eliora Kirkman

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