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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Israel-Gaza Conflict

     I try not to write about politics in my posts. This is a bit controversial, but try to bear what I'm about to say because there's some real truth here. For starters, it's very concerning how most Americans seem not to see the underlying problems between Israel and Gaza. In case that you're outside of America, I'll explain how conversations about the conflict are going in the United States. To be honest, it gets a little ugly sometimes. Out of all that I've heard this week, the majority of which was discussed by teachers, they all seem to be blaming Israel for the conflict. I can't even begin to tell you how obnoxious all these discussions have been. This is where most of the discussions begin; Israel signed on to the ceasefire proposed by Egypt but then broke it. Those teachers don't even consider the fact that Hamas didn't bother to sign and is still shooting. They don't seem to understand that if someone is shooting at you, you have to defend yourself. In public, for the last few weeks, I've been hearing the same drivel as well. At shul, it's a little different. Nevertheless, even for supporters of a Jewish state they are criticizing Israel. But, at least they recognize, like I do, that during the current situation it is pretty impossible to keep the ceasefire so long as the Palestinians and Hamas are still shooting.
     The spiritual side of the conflict is this; the Palestinians are probably supremely jealous that they aren't Chosen. In Rebbe Nachman's Aleph Bes book, he wrote this in the section on jealousy; "Through coveting the money of one's fellow, one becomes a fool". Our "money", our status as the Chosen, has caused them to become foolish. This isn't the case because of any reason that is personally our fault, but we all know how it's been in the past of the forefathers. The Gentile nations became jealous. They made the journey to Eretz Yisroel more difficult by calling war against Israel. In the end, Israel won these battles. Mainly, it was because of the prayers of the Tzaddik, Moshe. However, today we don't have anything like a Moshe defending our nation (no offense to those who like Benjamin Netanyahu).
     In these times, it's our prayers that will make the difference. I've been davening for a permanent ceasefire, but really, I'm asking for peace and an end. I'm asking that all this jealousy and hatred will end. No exceptions. Please do the same, because if this doesn't stop we all know where it's going to go.
     Aside from davening, there's little else that can be done but this; a mutual agreement between the PLO, Hamas, and the IDF. The United States have fiddled enough in the problem and haven't made a permanent difference in the warfare. They may have demanded a lessening of nuclear production which was fulfilled somewhat, but here in this conflict, I can't begin to say how little they've "really" helped. I have no clue how we can get there, but if you do please at least try to do something about the conflict. Here in the United States, I think it's called something a little like "mobbing the White House". But even then Netanyahu can refuse to listen. Myself alone is no one. Together we are someone, even if we can't physically act in the matter, at least as the Chosen there's davening.


nanachgear said...

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Unknown said...

To an extent I believe this man is right. However, it's not the Muslims in entirety, it's their government that decides to perform these crimes. The US NEEDS TO STOP aid to Gaza because it won't help the innocent people; it only funds the government to kill Israelis. Just know it's the government; most Muslims don't really want such warfare and actually leave for the U.S because of it.