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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rabbi Nachman is on his way- Gaza is ours and so is the world!

When Am Israel walked to the graves of the three boys, they lit the NER which in hebrew looks like a foot L and the letter Reish or the "upside down foot" which means head.  When the feet go to the head, the ner (light) is lit...women who stay at home light the light instead of the pilgrimage.

This constitute being together the way Rabbi Nachman requested.  "Just be together and I will be with you".

Coming out of Egypt into Gaza that was NOT the case as each person helped his own tribe, but no one was concerned with Josef except Moses and Serach bat Asher.  The Evil Eye has great influence in the Middle East.

The head and feet have been connected, so I am optimistic that this time, since we are "carrying the bones", we will merit to enter through Gaza!


Unknown said...

"The building of Jerusalem is dependent on peace"- Sefer Hamidos, Peace, #7

Only through PEACE can we get through Gaza. So daven and fight for peace and we will get through. Jerusalem will not be rebuilt until Rabbeinu's bones are there, and we can't get them there without peace. So spread the word of peace because we are getting to a point where times will only become more urgent and devastating.

Mevashir said...


Wise comment. Many Na Nachs have embraced militant Zionism because the Saba himself embraced it. If you want to know more then please see my personal story of my involvement with them especially from page 37 on: