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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Justice Justice you shall pursue

Ministry of Justice
 13 Horodetskogo Str.
 01001 Kyiv,

Minister of Justice,
Honorable Judge Pavlo Petrenko,

Your Honor, everyone has heard about the enormous challenges you are facing in confronting corruption in the Ukraine, most of which is probably coming from the Kremlin, just like it is here in Jerusalem.  Both our populations need a creative solution to the problem, and the war is not over.

The population and Jewish Law are unequivocally in favor of bringing Rabbi Nachman from Uman to Jerusalem.  The Kremlin and what I am sure are obviously their "Israeli leaders" do NOT want Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem.

The informed (as opposed to dis-informed) Israeli public will pay ANY PRICE for Rabbi Nachman to be brought to Jerusalem....  Why not force the Israeli Government to take your side in the fight against corruption by giving you any help you need including military protection against attacks by the Kremlin for your citizens.  We would, if you give us the bones of Rabbi Nachman...what is the big deal?

The following is my personal thinking:

The way to get the good process started is for YOUR Parliament to make a media announcement that they want to send Rabbi Nachman to Israel by either Air force One or the Ukrainian equivalent.  The Kremlin will do all they can to stop this, in a discreet manner of course, so IAF will have to go to to escort the convoy.   The Media announcement should mention the names of President Peres, the President of the Moroccan Federation Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman or Naftali Benett, responsible for Religious Affairs and Trade.  Your letter will force us to send you a delegation immediately and Rabbi Nachman might be in Jerusalem for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year, September) which means serious blessings for your pursuit of justice in the Ukraine at the very least for this year.

Wishing you success and ready to start rapid negotiations,

Attachment will follow as soon as I can send it: 

Speech I translated from Hebrew by the Chairman of the Federation, Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit
The World Federation for Moroccan Jewry 

My Facebook page: "Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem" is available now.

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Assistant of Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit Chairman of the World Federation

Copies to:

Mrs. Yulia Tymoshenko, Batkivshchyna Party leader
Her Excellency Mrs. Kateryna Yushchenko, former first lady of the Ukraine
Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit, Chairmen of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
The Ukranian Canadian Congress

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