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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finding Peace

     When you find the truth, peace and true faith comes. In a later post, I'd like to write on that as well. But for today, I'd like to say the following. The Zohar talks about what comes after the end of correction. One of these things mentioned was peace. It's clear from history that peace is for many people almost uncomfortable. We all say we long for the Moshiach and peace, but what do we have left to do once that day comes? We'll surely feel uncomfortable with that peace, because people are so used to fighting and discomfort. I can imagine it as being almost boring, sad to say. But the peace will come at the end of correction, when all Yids have perfected faith. So at that time, we will be too happy and joyous to feel the discomfort of peace. That is an idea that gives me such light in my life everyday; to know that there will be a time, even if not in my lifetime, that there will be peace. So what can we do today to make this day in our lives matter? What can we do today to become one step closer to the end of correction and perfected faith? Whoever is reading this post, please do answer the question for yourself. It's something we all have to do for that peace to come.
     I would like to write more on this subject. It's unfortunate that I haven't learned much from the Zohar, as I haven't yet found a rabbi who is willing to teach me it. Still, sometimes I try to study it a little, though knowing that I can't truly permeate the text on my own yet. Though my studying with that particular text has been limited, I can tell just a little about the concept of "night" with gematriya. It's a clear fact that night refers to our exile. So therefore, day must refer to our return to Eretz Yisroel. The gematriya for lailah, night, is 75. Day, yom, is 56. The difference is 19. That's one more than chai, life. Chai is just an aleph away from 19. One word in gematriya that equals 19 is besach (or betach), meaning "sure". So, you could say that the difference between yom (day) and lailah (night) is, simple as it may sound, is being sure. Then, include the rest of the "equation". That is, if you include the aleph, which corresponds to Keser (or Keter), and ruach. Chai + Keser/ruach = Besach. A perfected life with the aspect of the most profound Light will take us from night to day. Furthermore, the whole thought on being "sure", is truth. So with a life of truth, living by the truth, is the key.

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