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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rabbi Nachman is on his way- Gaza is ours and so is the world!

When Am Israel walked to the graves of the three boys, they lit the NER which in hebrew looks like a foot L and the letter Reish or the "upside down foot" which means head.  When the feet go to the head, the ner (light) is lit...women who stay at home light the light instead of the pilgrimage.

This constitute being together the way Rabbi Nachman requested.  "Just be together and I will be with you".

Coming out of Egypt into Gaza that was NOT the case as each person helped his own tribe, but no one was concerned with Josef except Moses and Serach bat Asher.  The Evil Eye has great influence in the Middle East.

The head and feet have been connected, so I am optimistic that this time, since we are "carrying the bones", we will merit to enter through Gaza!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Israel-Gaza Conflict

     I try not to write about politics in my posts. This is a bit controversial, but try to bear what I'm about to say because there's some real truth here. For starters, it's very concerning how most Americans seem not to see the underlying problems between Israel and Gaza. In case that you're outside of America, I'll explain how conversations about the conflict are going in the United States. To be honest, it gets a little ugly sometimes. Out of all that I've heard this week, the majority of which was discussed by teachers, they all seem to be blaming Israel for the conflict. I can't even begin to tell you how obnoxious all these discussions have been. This is where most of the discussions begin; Israel signed on to the ceasefire proposed by Egypt but then broke it. Those teachers don't even consider the fact that Hamas didn't bother to sign and is still shooting. They don't seem to understand that if someone is shooting at you, you have to defend yourself. In public, for the last few weeks, I've been hearing the same drivel as well. At shul, it's a little different. Nevertheless, even for supporters of a Jewish state they are criticizing Israel. But, at least they recognize, like I do, that during the current situation it is pretty impossible to keep the ceasefire so long as the Palestinians and Hamas are still shooting.
     The spiritual side of the conflict is this; the Palestinians are probably supremely jealous that they aren't Chosen. In Rebbe Nachman's Aleph Bes book, he wrote this in the section on jealousy; "Through coveting the money of one's fellow, one becomes a fool". Our "money", our status as the Chosen, has caused them to become foolish. This isn't the case because of any reason that is personally our fault, but we all know how it's been in the past of the forefathers. The Gentile nations became jealous. They made the journey to Eretz Yisroel more difficult by calling war against Israel. In the end, Israel won these battles. Mainly, it was because of the prayers of the Tzaddik, Moshe. However, today we don't have anything like a Moshe defending our nation (no offense to those who like Benjamin Netanyahu).
     In these times, it's our prayers that will make the difference. I've been davening for a permanent ceasefire, but really, I'm asking for peace and an end. I'm asking that all this jealousy and hatred will end. No exceptions. Please do the same, because if this doesn't stop we all know where it's going to go.
     Aside from davening, there's little else that can be done but this; a mutual agreement between the PLO, Hamas, and the IDF. The United States have fiddled enough in the problem and haven't made a permanent difference in the warfare. They may have demanded a lessening of nuclear production which was fulfilled somewhat, but here in this conflict, I can't begin to say how little they've "really" helped. I have no clue how we can get there, but if you do please at least try to do something about the conflict. Here in the United States, I think it's called something a little like "mobbing the White House". But even then Netanyahu can refuse to listen. Myself alone is no one. Together we are someone, even if we can't physically act in the matter, at least as the Chosen there's davening.

B together with the Tzaddik and you have nothing to worry about

I think Putin preventing Rabbi Nachman from coming and other Elite leaders preventing Rabbi Nachman from coming in order to keep Israel down,  is finishing them off AND is actually forcing G-d to allow him to arrive in spite of our inexcusable confusion and following our tribal "meraglim".

Monday, July 28, 2014

דע אחי שכבר הגיע הזמן --- Know my brother that the time has come

The Finish Line

     I re-wrote this post because before I think I didn't really get my idea across. A very amusing if not enlightening quote from Chaiei Moharan stuck with me today. Reb Nosson asked Rebbe Nachman if he achieved everything in life that he wanted to, in 1810, something less than a year before he died (or didn't die, because he is still with us). Rabbeinu replied, "I haven't finished? I've already finished, and I will finish!" A Breslover would see this and see such potential to learn. Unfortunately, most everyone else would write it off as odd and senseless. Rabbeinu said, "I've finished, and I will finish!" This is a section that I have not learned in full, but even I can understand. He said he was finished, but second he said he will. Now, this could mean several things; for one, he could mean to say that he's finished with his tasks in life, and now he's ready to finish it and move on to Olam Haba.
     This statement can't possibly be so simply explained. Rather, dig deep and you'll see. He means to say this; that he actually was not finished. He was about finished with life, but he also wasn't. It wasn't that he was terribly fearful to die, because true tzaddikim have no reason to fear death. He was finished with what Hashem intended for him to do on a greater scale, but there were still just a few things left that as a person, I believe, that he wanted to do. One of these, unfortunately, was to burn some of the greatest things he had written and kept in the trunk at the end of his bed. It wasn't that he had to make sure Breslov would continue, as Reb Nosson would surely keep his work going, which he in fact did.
     Aside from burning his writings, this is likely what he wanted; for us to keep hope. In life, but also for the Moshiach. On another note, to keep faith in him. He didn't let us down in his last endeavor; he delivered the Petek. To teach that a person is not ever really done with their lives, he essentially said "Yes, I'm finished. But no, I'm actually not". He meant to say that he was finished in this life, but beyond the grave he was not. But also, that in life a person is never really done with the seemingly endless tasks set out before him.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finding Peace

     When you find the truth, peace and true faith comes. In a later post, I'd like to write on that as well. But for today, I'd like to say the following. The Zohar talks about what comes after the end of correction. One of these things mentioned was peace. It's clear from history that peace is for many people almost uncomfortable. We all say we long for the Moshiach and peace, but what do we have left to do once that day comes? We'll surely feel uncomfortable with that peace, because people are so used to fighting and discomfort. I can imagine it as being almost boring, sad to say. But the peace will come at the end of correction, when all Yids have perfected faith. So at that time, we will be too happy and joyous to feel the discomfort of peace. That is an idea that gives me such light in my life everyday; to know that there will be a time, even if not in my lifetime, that there will be peace. So what can we do today to make this day in our lives matter? What can we do today to become one step closer to the end of correction and perfected faith? Whoever is reading this post, please do answer the question for yourself. It's something we all have to do for that peace to come.
     I would like to write more on this subject. It's unfortunate that I haven't learned much from the Zohar, as I haven't yet found a rabbi who is willing to teach me it. Still, sometimes I try to study it a little, though knowing that I can't truly permeate the text on my own yet. Though my studying with that particular text has been limited, I can tell just a little about the concept of "night" with gematriya. It's a clear fact that night refers to our exile. So therefore, day must refer to our return to Eretz Yisroel. The gematriya for lailah, night, is 75. Day, yom, is 56. The difference is 19. That's one more than chai, life. Chai is just an aleph away from 19. One word in gematriya that equals 19 is besach (or betach), meaning "sure". So, you could say that the difference between yom (day) and lailah (night) is, simple as it may sound, is being sure. Then, include the rest of the "equation". That is, if you include the aleph, which corresponds to Keser (or Keter), and ruach. Chai + Keser/ruach = Besach. A perfected life with the aspect of the most profound Light will take us from night to day. Furthermore, the whole thought on being "sure", is truth. So with a life of truth, living by the truth, is the key.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Just Listen...

  I found an interesting connection to an ordinary issue in the Schottenstein Talmud, Tractate Brachos volume 2, daf 32 amud a. It was a five page discussion on the conversation that occurred between Moshe and Hashem when he went up Mount Sinai. Moshe’s stance was that Hashem should not destroy Yisroel, after their sin of the Golden Calf. This has always been an interesting occurrence in the Torah for me, so I figured that I would write on the subject.

     The section that I would like to analyze in this post is where the Gemara explains the quote, “And you told them, I shall increase your offspring like the stars of heaven, and this entire land of which I spoke I shall give to your offspring.” The Gemara questions this, as it was stated “of which I spoke” which if Moshe was speaking in that section of the verse, then it would not make sense. The Gemara offered two explanations. The first was by Rabbi Elazar, who stated that the first half of the verse was quoted by Moshe, and the second was a response from Hashem to Moshe. The second explanation was by Rabbi Shmuel bar Nachmani, who stated that both halves of the verse were quoted to Hashem by Moshe. So therefore, the analysis of the statement must be in accordance with Rabbi Elazar’s opinion.

     This appears to be a simple argument. However, look beyond the quote and opinions and you will see that this passage means something much more than is apparent on a first glance. Hashem was responding to Moshe. He spent His Divine time listening to Moshe. We can learn from this two things; Hashem really does listen to us and our pleas, but second, that we don’t always hear His response. Moshe did, but Moshe was a tzaddik and a prophet. For simple people like us, we don’t hear His words. We sometimes recognize what He’s doing on those few lucky days, but otherwise we’re quite in the dark about what’s really going on. Have you considered that we sometimes kvetch and then something really great happens? Hashem was working on that greatness during our complaint and possibly beforehand as well. And we were complaining! We didn’t consider that things aren’t what they seem! I can only wonder what He’s “thinking” when we complain when He’s doing well for us. Here we find another reason why we should think before complaining; we don’t know how He thinks. We don’t even know if He thinks. So therefore, we should be more conscious about our complaints. Maybe Hashem was working on something great, and now that we’ve complained He’s halted His work.

     Make yourself worthy of a response from Him. It’s not to say that we’ll be able to get a conversation with actual words, but be thankful that He takes His time to respond at all to you. Even when there aren’t immediate results, at least He’s listening. According to Rashi, Hashem was telling Moshe that He had decided not to destroy Yisroel, as He stated, “And this entire land of which I spoke I shall give to your offspring”. If Moshe had listened, he would have understood this as Hashem accepting and answering favorably his plea. However, the discussion continued on for four more pages. Learn from this that Moshe may have not listened entirely to what Hashem was saying. Don’t make the same mistake, though it’s hard not to because we don’t hear Hashem’s response in words. Understand that you must “listen” by considering that you don’t always know what Hashem is doing for you.

To US Ambassador, Daniel B Shapiro

Mordecai Geoffrey Max Spiro Your Excellency, I have learned to admire President Obama. Problem is there is key information which is just not passing through to the Israeli desk. The lack of Peace, as they know can not be solved through even a total military victory. What they don't know, is how to change the atmosphere. Although they seem to understand what is at stake. TRUTH and real faith are element that are still lacking. I am ready to enter an informal dialogue with someone from the embassy, but it does take a dialogue and even several for the information to get through all the predjudices and lies our society bases its logic on. The solution is so simple that even worse then the catastrophy of war, the sheer embarrassment of not having avoided it when the solution is so simple!

Eitzot Yisharot on Shmiras HaBris

The 'Truth' Helps A Person Escape the Lusts 
The 'Truth' is the concept of 'Hashem's candle that searches all inner rooms', since through the 'Truth' one can search all the inner rooms and escape the darkness and gloom that infiltrate the inner rooms, which are the essence of the lusts and bad attributes. The 'Truth' can light up all the inner rooms and helps advise and strengthen a person how to return from all these to Hashem.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 13 based on LH Hilchos Geneva, Halacha 5, Section 14)

'Truth' With Lusts Needs Further Separation From 'Falsehood' 
Even if it appears to a person that he knows the 'Truth', only that his lusts still overwhelm him so much that he does not have the power to stand up against them, this is also 'Falsehood'. If a person would only continue to pull himself to the 'Truth', he will certainly get the strength and advice needed to escape them. Hashem does not approach his creations with grievances and does not send a person a test that he can not overcome.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 13 based on LH Hilchos Geneva, Halacha 5, Section 14)

Impossible to Convey Advice Needed for Each Person in Every Situation and Time
There is much to discuss about this topic but it is not possible to completely explain the purity of the 'Truth' that each person needs, each day and each hour according to his situation especially when it comes to strengthening himself.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 13 based on LH Hilchos Geneva, Halacha 5, Section 14)

We Need the True Tzadikim
Even people that are righteous, G-d fearing and study Torah can not reach completion without the true Sages and Tzadikim. Certainly this applies to a person who committed a flaw, and for sure to a person that committed many sins and caused many flaws, Heaven forbid, as is commonly found nowadays due to our many sins. Such a person certainly can not be healed in body and soul without the great and wondrous Tzadikim that know how to expound the Torah with truth and completion. They know the the roots of the souls of every Jew as it is found in the Torah. They also know how to explain and make clear all the paths, advice, methods and techniques that any person who wishes to enter inside holiness needs. In a way that every individual can receive a cure for any form of mental or physical illness that exists.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 17 based on LH Hilchos Shabbos, Halacha 6, Section 3)

Emuna Incomplete Without Faith in Tzadikim
The main component of our 'holy faith', is faith in the Sages, since they draw us down the 'holy faith' with completion. Due to that, without faith in the Sages a persons faith in Hashem is also not complete.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 18 based on LH Hilchos Shabbos, Halacha 6, Section 11)

Permissible Levels of Delving are Relative to Person 
A person has to be cautious not to enter and delve in things where he does not have permission to do so as in the concept of "What is profound to you do not delve into". As soon as a person sees something that makes him confounded, that he can not understand and comprehend - he should run away from there and lean only on his faith. A person that flaws in this, it is an element of the flaw of eating milk and meat together.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 20 based on LH Hilchos Divarim Hayotzim Min Hachi, Halacha 4, Section 40)

Faith Dispels Worries and Fear 
A person whose heart is complete with Hashem and his faith is strong and believes that everything happens only according to Hashem's will, he is always happy and never has any worries or fear at all, from anything that exists in the world.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 21 based on LH Hilchos Keli Hayayin, Halacha 1, Section 1)

Mikva Increases Emuna
Immersing and purification in the mikva is auspicious to raise and complete a person's faith.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 22 based on LH Hilchos Giluach, Halacha 4, Section 16)

Hisbodedute is the Starting Point of Everything
It is not possible to fully rectify the lust for wealth, as long as a person did not merit to reach complete faith. Likewise it is not possible to merit complete faith as long as a person did not nullify his desire for wealth. If so where does he begin? Therefore the main method is to just yell to Hashem at all times and this is the start of all beginnings. Then Hashem will help him to merit all the rectifications at once.
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 23 based on LH Hilchos Urlah, Halacha 4, Section 18, 19)

Complete Tikkun Habris is Dependent on Emunas Chachamim 
The primary element of complete Tikkun Habris is through faith in the Sages. 
(Eitzot Yisharot Emes VeMuna 33 based on LH 
Hilchos Pirya Vrivya, Halacha 1, Section 10)

Be Cautious About Kashrus of Meat 
All sorts of Triefos (non properly slaughtered animal) stem from the concept of Pigam Habris, therefore there are seventy types of Trefos that parallel the encompassing bad of the seventy nations, whom are all very steeped in this lust. Through eating Kosher, that is; being fully careful not to eat Nivalos and Treifos (unkoser meat), through this; a person's stupidity is subdued and he merits rectification of the mind, Tikun Habris and to earn an easy livelihood.
(Eitzot Yisharot Achila 6 based on LH Hilchos Trifos, Halacha 1, Section 1, 2)

Avoid Eating Non Jewish Cooked Food and Wine 
When a person is not careful to refrain from eating food cooked by a non Jew and wine touched by a non Jew, through this the 'encompassing bad' attaches itself to him which can lead to severe Pigam Habis, Heaven Forbid. When a person is careful from eating non Jewish cooked food and wine, through this he merits Tikkun Habris and to have the mysteries of the Torah revealed to him.
(Eitzot Yisharot Achila 8 based on LH Hilchos Machali Okum, Halacha 1, Section 3)

Only Drink A Little Alcohol and Under Specific Circumstances 
It is not befitting to drink wine or alcoholic beverages, only a little to expand the mind and even this only on Shabbos, Yom Tov and at celebrations of a Mitzva (Seudas Mitzva). This too can only be done when a person merits to bind himself to the 'true Tzadikim' that already merited to total and complete Kedushas HaBris. Through them any person can draw upon himself the holiness of the Bris which is an element of the holiness of Shabbos, which is the concept of the seventy aspects, which is the concept of the seventy souls of Yackov's family. Then specifically a person can drink a little wine on Shabbos and Yom Tov to make himself happy and expand his mind, in order that he can awaken and increase his experience of the sweetness of the holiness of the Torah, the holiness of the Jewish Nation, the holiness of Shabbos and get drawn upon him through the power of the true Tzadikim.
(Eitzot Yisharot Achila 9 based on LH Hilchos Yayin Nesech, Halacha 4, Section 4-7)

Eating With Holiness is Dependent on Tikun Habris 
The essential ability to eat with holiness is in accordance with a person Tikun habris. As it says a "tzadik eats to the fulfillment of his soul" and it is known that a Tzadik is one who guards the holy Bris.
(Eitzot Yisharot Achila 10 based on LH Hilchos Milah, Halacha 2, Section 9)

All Prayers Add Up 
Even though we are pleading for so many years to return to Eretz Yisroel and we are still far from there, despite this not a single prayer or yell has been lost, even the smallest of the smallest. With each yell and prayer we capture one part and element of Eretz Yisroel. Until all these elements that we captured through prayer group together and then we will return to our land in the near future.
Even an individual that is very flawed and his yelling and prayers do not have the power to capture a piece or element of Eretz Yisroel, despite this his yells accomplish a lot. This is because his yells are considered a protest. Just like it is brought down regarding the laws of 'Possessing Lands', where as long as the former owner issues protests, the possession of the current occupier does not help at all. Therefore even though they have robed us of Eretz Yisroel which is our land and inheritance and we do not have the power to extract it from them due to our flawed actions, despite this each time that we pray and yell that Eretz Yisroel is ours since it is our inheritance, with this we are issuing a protest to the Sitra Acher, that they should know that their occupation and possession is not legitimate at all, since Eretz Yisroel is ours from our forefathers, and at the end of it all we will extract it from their hands with Hashem's help.
(Eitzot Yisharot Eretz Yisroel 5 based on LH Hilchos Chezkas Mitaltilin, Halacha 5, Section 12)

Very Beneficial to Mention Shemos Hatzadikim
Mentioning the names of the righteous is a very, very awesome and wondrous thing and it greatly helps for spiritual service of Hashem. It is also auspicious to merit Eretz Yisroel through this, since it is not possible to reach Eretz Yisroel without the power of the true Tzadikim in the aspect of 'the righteous will conquer the land'.
(Eitzot Yisharot Eretz Yisroel 6 based on LH Hilchos Nitilas Yadaim Halacha 4, Section 6)

Main Overpowering of Yetzer Hara is Pigam Habris
The main overpowering of the Yetzer Hara in every person, is through Pigam Habris.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bris 1 based on LH Hilchos Hecsher Kalim Halacha 4, Section 16, 17)

All Exile and Suffering Due to Pigam Habris
All suffering and exile come from Pigam Habris, May the Merciful One save us.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bris 1)

Rectification by the Tzadikim 
After all the great effort and self sacrifice that was done by the Tzadikim, who literally sacrifice their lives in every generation for the rectification of the Jewish souls. Despite this, the Satan and Yetzer Hara still dance amongst us and assault the Jews, mainly though Pigam Habris. We find that the same thing happened by Moshe Rabbanue himself. After all the efforts he made to rectify the souls of the Jews, at the end of his days, the wicked Billam came and made them stumble in Pigam Habris. Sometimes the Tzadik has to die and pass away for this, since due to the great extending of the Sitra Acher it is not possible to completely finish the rectification while alive, only after his passing.

From this flaw (Pigam Habris) comes all the obstacles, confusion, struggles and controversy that prevent a person from drawing close to Holiness. They prevent him from completely bringing forth his holy energy from potential to actualization. This is because all the obstacles of drawing close to Holiness come from the impurity of Keri, May the Merciful One save us.

This is the meaning of "I will bring them to the land of their enemies", since through Pigam Habris the enemies and haters of holiness from whom all obstacles originate, become strong. The main rectification to break all the obstacles and enemies is through desire and yearning for Holiness, since though this one merits to break all the obstacles. The verse therefore finishes "then they will appease their sins" (Yirtzu, same root a Ratzon / desire), meaning that they will turn all their sins which are the source of their opposition into desire. And through this "I will remember my convent of Yackov", meaning that Hashem will recall the merit of the great Tzadikim that have already passed away. Since the main rectification of this sin is through them as the Tazdikim are greater after death then when alive. Therefore, specifically after their passing they finish the rectification for the sin of Pigam Habris which is the central rectification of the souls of Israel.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bris 1 based on LH Hilchos Hecsher Kalim Halacha 4, Section 16, 17)

Clothing of Excrement as Punishment for Pigam Habris 
The main cause for the punishment where the convicted is sentenced to be clothed in clothing of excrement, Heaven forbid, is only through Pigam Habris. As it says "and Yehoshua was dressed in clothing of excrement" and the Sages said it was because his sons had married non Jewish women, This is because Pigam Habris can be identified through a persons garments as manifested in the concept of "also at the edges of your garments, blood from clean impoverished souls can be found", which is the concept of Pigam Habris, which is considered as if he spills clean blood, Heaven forbid. Therefore the main rectification of the garments, which is the concept of 'white garments' is dependent on Tikkun Habris.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bris 2 based on LH Hilchos Chukas HaAkum Halacha 1)

Zivug DiKidusha Allows the World to Exist
It is very necessary to sanctify oneself at the time of relationships since the entire world is dependent on this. The entire world was created only for the honor of Hashem and the main revelation of Hashem's honor is through procreation, when humans are born and multiply, since it with them that this honor is dependent. Therefore when a person sanctifies himself and has intentions to birth a child that will raise the honor of Hashem, then a spirit of holiness is drawn upon the child and he merits that his children will be righteous and Hashem's honor will be increased by them, thereby alowing the entire world to continue to exist be because of this. Heaven forbid, the opposite is also true and then the children that are born are not appropriate and Hashem's honor is not increased by them. It comes out this was all caused because he did not sanctify himself. It therefore considered as if he destroyed the entire world, since the main existence of the world is through the above mentioned honor and this honor is dependent on procreation.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bris 3 based on LH Hilchos Kibud Av Vam Halacha 2 Section 1)

Money Gained Illegally Can Cause Pigam Habris 
When a person touches the money of his friend illegally, this is an aspect of a 'flawed ruling' an aspect of 'producing wealth and not with legitimacy' through this one comes to Pigam Habris.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bris 4 based on LH Hilchos Dayanim Halacha 5 Section 3)

Thievery of the Baal Davar 
The main lust for impurity is a result of the 'evil one's' thievery since he burglarizes and tunnels in the thoughts of a person with many plots, trickery and thievery until he brings him to an impure thought, Heaven forbid.
This is why the negative commandment of 'Lo Tinuf' is written near 'Lo Tignov', since the main impurity stems from the thievery of the 'evil one'. This is an aspect of 'If you see a thief you complied with him and with perverts is your share'. The verse is rebuking; 'If you see a thief' which is the Evil Inclination, and you 'complied with him', through this 'with the perverts is your share'. In truth, it was fitting to be very cautious from this thief, since a person needs to greatly guard his thoughts so not to fall in the trap of this thief. But you - not only did you not guard yourself from him, you even 'complied with him', Heaven forbid and therefore 'with the perverts is your share'.

Therefore a person needs to be cautious and greatly guard himself not to pursue the bad thoughts that the evil inclination places in his mind through his thievery and trickery. Instead he should try with all his power to expel and eliminate this thief from his midst. In truth a person has free choice to expel him since thoughts are in the hand of a person to direct them as he wills. This is the main situation of 'free will'. Fortunate is one who guards his thoughts, 'holy' he will be called.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bris 5 based on LH Hilchos Geneiva Halacha 4 Section 9)

Children Born According to Halacha Aspect of Tikkun Habris
All the children that merit to be born in holiness according to the laws of our holy Torah, all of them are an aspect of 'Tikkun Habris'. Therefore the inheritance is passed over to the children since money and livelihood stems from the aspect of 'Tikkun Habris' and through this that his sons are an aspect of 'Tikkun Habris' they receive his inheritance and efforts. Through this a rectifications is brought for the soul of the deceased.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bunim 1 based on LH Hilchos Nachalos Halacha 3 Section 2)

Clothing the Needy Saves from Pigam Habris
Through the positive commandment of 'clothing the bare', when you see the unclothed and cover them. Through this one merits to be saved from Pigam Habris and the flow of lusting money, which is an aspect of a 'darkened face' and he merit to draw down the 370 'facial lights'.
(Eitzot Yisharot Bigadim 4 based on LH Hilchos Geniva Halacha 2 Section 4)

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saba received a letter from Rabbainu - Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - Na Nac...

HH - - tonight -- the 23rd of Tamuz -- we celebrate Chag Hapetek -- the day that Saba Yisroel found the holy Petek from Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hearts Screaming to God

HH scream Nanach like never before! NNNNM!!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just Have To Address This

    There's something on my mind that's been bothering me all day long. It's this; how could people feel bad for the three teenage boys murdered in Israel, but not also for the Palestinian teenager who was publicaly shot dead? At first, I was the same way. I thought, "He deserved it". How horribly wrong I was! He didn't take the lives of those Jewish teens. He probably didn't have ties to Hamas. Yet, because he wasn't on "our side", it's suddenly okay? How could people be so cold? Jewish or not, an innocent person is an innocent person.
    See here, where Benjamin Netanyahu entirely lost my respect (as if I had any to begin with), in his cruel-hearted hate, that he condones the death of that innocent Palestinian boy, just because he's on the "other side". The Moshiach will not come so long as Jews condone hatred of other people just because they're not Jewish. Only through Rebbe Nachman's teachings can the world's hatred be healed!
     I have to say, and will admit, that in my fault I felt more sadness finding out about the deaths of the Jewish boys than the Palestinian one. When Cain killed Abel, Hashem confronted him, asking him where his brother was. Cain replied; how should I know? Am I my brother's keeper? Your brother is the homeless guy hanging outside Walmart begging. He's your actual biological brother. He was Palestinian boy who was killed, just because of his race. Does this seem familiar to you? Remember, the Holocaust was the result of causeless hatred. The murder of that Palestinian boy was causeless hatred. Yes, he was Palestinian, but he was not the one to murder the Jewish boys. So the act was therefore causeless hatred. So why did the Israelis, people from "our side", kill the Palestinian guy, who was probably just walking by? Causeless hatred, that's why. And people are hateful, mainly because they don't understand.
     People in public sometimes think badly towards me. Probably, the same has happened to you. Sometimes, they sneer at me, at times they comment. It's the least of a problem that they assume I'm Amish or Mennonite. It's that when they can tell I'm Jewish, they act as if they're better than me. But I don't have to fall to that lowly level. Neither do you. As with many problems, and definately with this situation of the murdered teens, whoever ends it with a negative response is just as bad as the person who started it. Enough said.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This is my first post.... Hope you like it

The Rainbow After the Storm
By; Eliora Kirkman

     Many of us have goals in mind for ourselves. We step forward with confidence and hope for the best. But when setbacks come, as they always do, it’s difficult not to become discouraged when the storm sets in. The old Yiddish saying goes; “Man plans, G-d laughs”. Even so, we continue to try to achieve our goal. We push ourselves forward and continue on. Sometimes that’s a very good ethic. However, how do you maintain faith when events in your life leave you discouraged and sometimes even heartbroken? The greatest kind of faith is the type that you keep even in the hardest of times.

     The times when you hurt the most are the times when Hashem wants to hear you praying to Him. Again, it’s difficult when you call out to Him and don’t always get an immediate response. Let’s pretend that you’re having a hard time staying present in hisbodedus. If you’re a newcomer to meditation, you can tell yourself that it takes practice, and you can easily keep trying. However, if you’ve been practicing it for a longer period of time, and all of a sudden it’s almost unbearable to keep focus; you may wonder what’s wrong. It’s saddening when your hard work seems to be melting away. You may be hurting because of the situation you’ve found yourself in. You may wonder what to do next. The best possible thing you can do is to keep faith.

     One of the greatest of pains for a spiritual person is when their spirituality seems to be drifting slowly away from them. You look back and remember when you used to daven with such splendor every morning. The words might not be bringing you such splendor anymore. That simple hurt and disappointment does build up. Next you may move on to Talmud study, and you can’t understand the argument. You may look out the window and say to Hashem, “What gives?”, as in, “Why are You doing this to me?” Hashem gives. He gave you this hurt and He wants you to use it.

     As you’ve probably heard before if you’re reading this article, keep saying “Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman”. Say it when you’re at work and you didn’t get much sleep last night. The assignments keep piling up and you may not have even completed the first one yet. Say it after you had faith in Hashem and completed what needed to get done. Remember chapter 40 of the book of Isaiah, verse 31? “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” If you keep having faith, the work load will become easier. The spiritual “work load”, having faith, keeping hope in Hashem, and davening during your pain will become easier.

     Make sure that the pain you experience in your life is not in vain. We are gifted with pain, and I truly do mean “gifted”. Pain is what moves us away from the material and into the spiritual. It’s what brings us closer to Hashem. He has many reasons for giving us this gift, but perhaps one of the most important reasons for the gift is because He wants to bring us closer. He wants us to keep saying “Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman”. He wants us to stay spiritual and think of Him with everything we do. By doing these things, we will “run and not grow weary”. What we once found to be terribly difficult will soon become a simple matter.

     If you keep faithful, only good can come from your efforts. You will still have your setbacks, but that’s not the result of your hard efforts. It’s the result of needing to continue on and keep trying. The great Rebbe Nachman of very blessed memory had said, “The more time you spend wallowing in self-pity, the more you lay yourself open for even more trouble”. If you sit in your painful situation and don’t use the gift of pain you were given, nothing will come from your efforts. So, that said, use the pain. Later, use the faith you learned from your pain to help you again when another seemingly bleak situation confronts you. There is always a rainbow after the storm.

Justice Justice you shall pursue

Ministry of Justice
 13 Horodetskogo Str.
 01001 Kyiv,

Minister of Justice,
Honorable Judge Pavlo Petrenko,

Your Honor, everyone has heard about the enormous challenges you are facing in confronting corruption in the Ukraine, most of which is probably coming from the Kremlin, just like it is here in Jerusalem.  Both our populations need a creative solution to the problem, and the war is not over.

The population and Jewish Law are unequivocally in favor of bringing Rabbi Nachman from Uman to Jerusalem.  The Kremlin and what I am sure are obviously their "Israeli leaders" do NOT want Rabbi Nachman in Jerusalem.

The informed (as opposed to dis-informed) Israeli public will pay ANY PRICE for Rabbi Nachman to be brought to Jerusalem....  Why not force the Israeli Government to take your side in the fight against corruption by giving you any help you need including military protection against attacks by the Kremlin for your citizens.  We would, if you give us the bones of Rabbi Nachman...what is the big deal?

The following is my personal thinking:

The way to get the good process started is for YOUR Parliament to make a media announcement that they want to send Rabbi Nachman to Israel by either Air force One or the Ukrainian equivalent.  The Kremlin will do all they can to stop this, in a discreet manner of course, so IAF will have to go to to escort the convoy.   The Media announcement should mention the names of President Peres, the President of the Moroccan Federation Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman or Naftali Benett, responsible for Religious Affairs and Trade.  Your letter will force us to send you a delegation immediately and Rabbi Nachman might be in Jerusalem for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year, September) which means serious blessings for your pursuit of justice in the Ukraine at the very least for this year.

Wishing you success and ready to start rapid negotiations,

Attachment will follow as soon as I can send it: 

Speech I translated from Hebrew by the Chairman of the Federation, Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit
The World Federation for Moroccan Jewry 

My Facebook page: "Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem" is available now.

Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro
Assistant of Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit Chairman of the World Federation

Copies to:

Mrs. Yulia Tymoshenko, Batkivshchyna Party leader
Her Excellency Mrs. Kateryna Yushchenko, former first lady of the Ukraine
Mr. Sam Ben Chetrit, Chairmen of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry
The Ukranian Canadian Congress

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This is how NA NACHs fight !!

This is how the Na Nachs fight!

I draw inspiration from those that fight the source of all EVIL the Kremlin!
May G-d inspire them to send us Rabbi Nachman, in which case I Swear they will become the worlds leading nation (Jerusalem has a special status as Cohen of the Nations).

Now is the time to open contact with everyone in the Ukraine to get offers to bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem, NO WE CAN NOT WAIT FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO DO THIS

Public offer to open negotiations needs to be made between Maiden and the Beit Ha Nassi.  Israel will respond generously.  The Kremlin represents only the Devil, Jerusalem doesn't have the option to negotiate with this party.  Even in the case of saving Jewish "hostages" when no alternative exists, there is an error because the bones of Rabbi Nachman, is the hostage that liberates all hostages!  No dialogue with Moscow is needed anymore this is strictly an issue between friends! AND you can be sure Airforce One will contribute the transport giving more prestige to the operation.

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Breslov Card Games

New on

Likutey Moharan Card Game 20 Sets of 4 Cards Totaling 80Publisher: Machon Habashan
Fun for the entire family while attaining purification and enlightment from the teachings of Likutey Moharan.
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[Box | 4 1/4 x 3 inches | 10.70 x 8 cm]

Sefer Hamidos Card Game20 Sets of 4 Cards Totaling 80 Publisher: Machon Habashan
Fun for the entire family while attaining purification and enlightment from the teachings of Sefer Hamidos.
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[Box | 4 1/4 x 3 inches | 10.70 x 8 cm]

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Here We Are! This Is Us! You'll Never Get Rid Of Us!!!

Breslov Books for $2.50

B"H added some more of Machon Habashans $2.50 books to

Alay Hanachal 
Mid - Soft Cover
Publisher: Machon Habashan Selected letters from Rabbi Natan (Alim Letrufa), Rabbi Yisroel Ber Oddeser (Ebay Hanachal) and other Breslov Chasidim aranged by topic. Includes TK, Nanach and Petek.
$2.50 Add to cart

[Soft Cover | 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in | 16.5 x 11.5 cm]

Ebay Hanachal
Mid - Soft Cover
Publisher: Machon Habashan Mid sized Ibay Hanachal with a Tikkun HaKlali in back. The Petek and Nanach are printed on the cover.
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[Soft Cover | 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in | 16.5 x 11.5 cm]

Siporay Masiyos
Mid - Soft Cover
Publisher: Machon Habashan Includes 100 additional short stories and parables aside from main 13 tales. Tikkun HaKlali in back. The Petek and Nanach are printed on the cover.
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[Soft Cover | 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in | 16.5 x 11.5 cm]

Kochavy Ohr
Mid - Soft Cover
Publisher: Machon Habashan Mid sized Kochivay Ohr by Rabbi Avraham Barzel. Includes Tikkun HaKlali in back. The Petek and Nanach are printed on the cover.
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[Soft Cover | 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in | 16.5 x 11.5 cm]

Sichos Haran & Shivchi Haran 
Mid - Soft Cover
Publisher: Machon Habashan Full texts of Sichos and Shivchi Haran. Includes the Tikkun HaKlali in back. The Petek and Nanach are printed on the cover.
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[Soft Cover | 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 in | 16.5 x 11.5 cm]

Children Books on

B"H added a new Children's book page on Includes the original Sabba kids book from the Keren and also the new Yisroel'inu book from Machon Habashan.

Bal HapetekIllustrated Children's BookPublisher: Keren Rebbe Yisroel Odesser
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Story of Rabbi Yisroel Ber Odesser's youth, how he met Rabbi Yisroel Karduner and later recieved the Petek.

[Soft Cover | 8 x 11 inches | 20.5 x 27.5 cm]

Yisroel'nu HaPigisha ShBalevIllustrated Children's BookPublisher: Machon Habashan

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Yisroel, a Breslov child learns an important lesson.

[Hard Cover | 9.45 x 9.45 inches | 24 x 24 cm]