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Friday, June 27, 2014

Saving the Economy of the Ukraine and putting out the fire (only way to do it)

Dear Minister of the Economy, Mr. Pavlo Sheremeta.

Congratulations on being part of such a dynamic team. I hope you take a few minutes to go through this Facebook site. Even though it seems like the simple work of a single Israeli citizen it is in fact much more then strange fact for you to realize is that by simply taking away the 5 Hyrvenia and placing someone better on it like Tsar Paul I, son of Tsar Katherine. This righteous leader the father of Alexander I (who had the misfortune of trusting Napoleon) was assassinated by the Kremlin for wanting to liberate the serfs. By following MY advice, you will boost the Ukrainian economy the very easy way! I have nothing personal to gain from this and ask for nothing.

I could come to meet you and show you how selling the Bones of Rabbi Nachman to the Israeli Government would also give enormous powers to your new government for the good of all Ukrainians. Again here I am not asking for anything, it is me that wants to bring you income and mostly... PEACE.

If Rabbi Nachman is not brought to Jerusalem, unfortunately, nothing will bring Peace to the Ukraine, consider the biblical Egyptian story like a dress rehearsal of what is about to unfold.

If you doubt my words, look at this time line. I am not the one making the decisions, you are, and the Lord (he does exist) above also.

Geoffrey Max Spiro

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