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Friday, June 27, 2014

Congratulations to Kateryna Yushchenko and maybe Pavlo Sherementa

Prof. Kateryna Yushchenko,

Congratulations on your liberation from judicial persecution yesterday, as well as having been taken out of prison. Serving three years is a very long time, especially when it is unjust. Josef served more years, but he did get preferential treatment in prison, while his brothers sold him as a slave over lunch and for new shoes, which shows total lack of human emotions.
You understand this far better then I do. Josef only wanted their good all the time. It is Josef who saved the world before and it is Josef that will save the world again.

According to Rabbi Nachman (likutey Moharan II 67) Josef's birth is the result of (20) years of tears of Rachel. The G-d will be present in Jerusalem like before as the result of "Nachamo Nachamo Ami" people saying the words Na Nach Nachma Nachman (please rest in peace Nachman) to each other. The name Josef is explained by Moses "add me another son" and Benjamin, son of freedom (for Jacob) was not accepted by Rachel as the answer to her prayers.

3000 years of tears of Rachel and pogroms have now given the nation of Israel the merit and the opportunity to fulfill the promise of bringing the bones of Josef (Rabbi Nachman) to Jerusalem. Is the Knesset less corrupt then the Kremlin? Who runs the Bank of International Settlements and everything else today? Pharaoh! and he forgot about Rabbi Nachman and about Josef! Some |Jewish people you know who didn't forget the promise are the Rabbanit Bruria Efergan and also my very good friend Mr. Sam Ben Shetrit.

By unilaterally "giving" Rabbi Nachman to Mt. Zion, the Ukraine will become the most righteous nation on the planet, therefore the leading nation, by the will of G-d. My blessings for you to carry this banner!

I would be delighted to come to assist you with this mission for as long as you need. This needs to begin immediately so Rabbi Nachman can be here by Rosh Hashana and so the bloodshed can stop before the fire is out of control.


Geoffrey Max Mordecai Spiro

Facebook: Bring Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem
Please pass this on to Economy Minister Pavlo Sheremeta

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